Gone Rockin', Catslappin' Chrissy
Catslappin', 2007

The Dutch band Catslappin' Chrissy have been around for a couple of years now, they've been on our website ever since 2004 when they selfproduced a demorecording. They have been doing great, playing a lot of venues around Holland and Belgium, and now finally their first full length CD is spinning in my player.

The CD title "Gone Rockin'" actually says it all, this band rocks! The title is derived from "This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'", a Ruth Brown song from 1958 (written by Bobby Darin) which is also covered on this album, be it in the arrangement of the UK version by Janice Peters (also recorded in 1958). Of course Little Tina and Jean Vincent also did a version of it too and it has been one of my favorite songs for a long time. Although it's the 6th track on the album, it was the first song I played and I'm glad to find that Catslappin' Chrissy did a great job covering this all time classic.

But let's start at the beginning where the album hits off with "Duck!", a selfpenned original with that authentic Sun rockabilly sound, Barbara Pittman comes to mind. The rockin' goes on with another selfpenned song "Little Fellow". In fact, there are 10 originals on this album, only 3 covers, and they're all pretty well written. "Mean Little Devil" has got some mean guitar pickin' by Michel Van den Bosch, and Martijn Van Nimwegen is slappin' his doghouse bass with a vengeance all over the platter. "Gotta Lotta Rhythm In My Soul" is the perfect rockabilly arrangement of the Patsy Cline classic, good job!

On "Big Black Doggie Boogie" guest sax player Robert van Asseldonk does his tricks, and it's a welcome change in rhythm after all the rockabilly. The 3rd and last cover on this CD is Barbara Pittman's "Everlasting Love", so four more rockabilly originals are to follow. "This Little Song" is the only song not sung by Chrissy, and on "I Don't Believe", all three vocalist take part in the harmony. "Don't let the bop stop till I say so" is another well written catslapper, and on the closer "Get Out", Martijn is showing off his skills on the upright bass.

This is actually a very good debut album. Chrissy (Kristel) can surely hold her tone pretty well and she expresses a lot of energy, you should see her live on stage! Read more about Catslappin' Chrissy on this page:

Duck! / Little Fellow / Mean Little Devil / Tear Of The Roof / Every Day Of My Life / This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' / Gotta Lotta Rhythm In My Soul / Big Black Doggie Boogie / Everlasting Love / This Little Song / I Don't Believe / Bop Stop / Get Out

The bandmembers:
Kristel Seijkens - Vocals
Michel Van den Bosch - Guitars
Martijn Van Nimwegen - Double Bass, Vocals
Charles Verrijt - Drums, Vocals
Robert van Asseldonk - Guest Saxophone

Contact & bookings:

Phone1: +32 473934239 (Belgium)
Phone2: +31 622234397 (Netherlands)

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007