Go Man Go! The Satellites
Planet X Records, CDX 002

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Crank that dial daddyo, this new platter is just what the doctor ordered. These four hepsters have cooked the valves an' come out with a wild concoction of red hot rockin' tunes that'll surely knock you off your feet. Originating from Adelaide, Australia, The Satellites have been performing all over this land and blastin' out their authentic rockabilly sound to hepcats from near and far, winning them the award for "Best Australian Rockabilly Band" two years running, and "Best Performing Band" at the Wintersun Festival in Queensland, Australia. The Satellites formed in 1994 and have undergone a few changes in recent times, which have been all for the better, now with the sensational pickin' talents of Paul Abram, and the skin smashin' rhythms of Jad Green. This, combined with the crazy sounds of Steve Mitchell on the big bull fiddle and the lovely Belinda Hartman on rhythm, these four cats wail up a storm every time. This disc is packed with wild, cool & crazy hepcat bop, from Belinda's melodic vocal on "Guess I've Fallin in Love," to her rendition of "Come On Home," (Janis Harper) this gal can sing like a bird & roar like a lion. Steve's "Sweet Lovin' Daddyo" will rock you right down to your ever lovin' argyles and the quirky stylings of "Cat & Mouse" will send you into orbit. The Satellites mix for you here a fine blend of rockin' styles, from the smooth harmonies & dreamy ballads to wild & frantic rockers with a few surprises in between. So, pass that bottle of Sneaky Pete an' rock it on down to that crazy beat!

All twelve tracks, among which are eight Satelittes originals, were recorded at the famous Preston Studios in Melbourne, Australia, using vintage valve equipment to get that truly authentic sound. That's right, no overdubs, no multi-tracking, no sampling - just straight raw authentic rockabilly! Long live Delinquency!

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