Mr. All Night Rock, Glenn Honeycutt 
Rhythm Bomb Records, RBR 5615

Glenn Honeycutt was born in Belzoni Mississippi, 1933. After his military draft he formed "Glenn Honeycutt and the Rhythmaires" in 1955. Jack Clement, who was also included in this line up, introduced Glenn to Sun Records where he recorded the classic "All Night Rock".

"Mr. All Night Rock" is the title of the CD which I'm listening to for the last couple of days. First thing that comes to mind if I had to describe this album with one word would be: "Authentic!". To record this album, Glenn teamed up with Randy Rich & The Poor Boys. That's a smart choice, because if it comes to authenticity, these guys know their trade. The result is a collection of songs that all have this magical "fifties" ambiance like I have heard only on records that were actually recorded back than (and only a few that were recorded nowadays). Good recording techniques, Glenn's beautiful voice and the top-notch musicians are the ingredients that make this an album that catapults you straight back into the fifties era.

Am I excited about this album? yeah, damn right I am! The variety in songs is perfectly in balance: there's rockers, boppers, crooners, blues, ballads and every single one is a gem. So I'm more than pleased to give this one the full five star reward!

Look What I found At The Movies / Gonna Love You All OVer / There's No Unloving You / Tennessee Rockin Girl / Don't Leave me Tonight / Sailing The Seven Seas / Backdoor Billy / Saturday Night / My Heart / Promise Me Love / New Orleans is The Place To Be / A Love Song

Glenn Honeycutt - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Kielas - Bass
Martin Viahn - Drums
Randy Richter - Lead Guitar, Piano
Ike Stoye - Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Piano

Contact information: 

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005