Git to Gittin', The Flea Bops
Vinylux Records V0008

Vinylux Records is thrilled to bring you Git to Gittin', the follow up to Flea Bops 2001 release, I'm ready. In true Flea Bops fashion, gritty, traditional rockabilly is once again moved forward with a good collection of covers and hard-hitting originals.

The title track is a lesser-known Wynonie Harris song re-worked in the signature Flea Bops style. Fans know that Flea Bops couldn't go without a nod to one of their favorites, Carl Perkins, whose version of "I'm sorry I'm not sorry" they emulate. For the first time, Ronnie and Wendy join on the duet cover of the Shirley and Lee song, "You'd be thinking of me", followed by Wendy stepping up to the front for her rendition of Sparkle Moore's "Skull and Crossbones". Finally, Johnny Horton's "Goodbye Lonesome" and Johnny Powers' "Long Blonde Hair" provide strong evidence of the hillbilly and rockin' sides of the Flea Bops roots...

Hi folks, picked up my package this week and opened it to find 2 cd's, Wow, I thought, then I looked at it to see who it was, The Flea Bops! Bells started ringin' in my ears, I knew of this band but had forgot about them for a while. Then it hit me. They had a couple of tracks on a Viva Las Vegas CD that was sent to me, and on the strength of those two tracks I ordered their CD "I'm ready", played it a few times and filed it away (as we do).

I dropped this new disc into the player and cranked up the noise level, then hit play and wandered off to do some work. Git to Gittin' started and I thought "I know this song, but this sounds different" so I sat down to listen while I read the notes that came with the package. (Their bit on top of this bit) Ahhh, that's who did it, Wynonie, (I dug out his version and it's way different to this one), I liked the new track, but by the third or forth track, I was backin' off the volume and staring at the player, something was missing as all this stuff seemed to have a sameness to it, it's music that I love and yet I was not gettin' a buzz from it?? Then it hit me, Ronnie J is sadly lacking in vocal tonal colour, it was not till I got to track 8 and 9 that I sat up again and paid attention, it seems that it is in a supporting vocal area that his voice is better suited.

Now having had a dig at Ronnie J, I better say several nice things, before the hate mail rolls in. Ronnie wrote most of the tracks on this CD and I see he also did the cover art, so he has skills in several areas, I expect in the near future that other bands will be recording his songs and he will find success in that area. Other than the 2 tracks mentioned already, the other track that stands out is "Long Blonde Hair" but that has been covered by at least 30 bands since Mr. Pavlik dropped it to wax, so hardly worth the price of admission.

If you are a fan of this band or you see them at a live gig, you may decide to buy this CD, but as always, if you are shopping in a real store as opposed to on-line, get your dealer to play a few tracks and then decide if you want to drop the green on the counter.

Band Members:
Ronnie Joyner - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Preston LeBeau - Electric Guitar
Wendy LeBeau - Vocals, Acoustic Bass
Lance LeBeau - Drums

Git to Gittin' / Drivin' Home / I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry / Get On Home / Railroad Tracks / Too Hot For Me / Long Gone Love / You'd Be Thinking of Me / Skull and Crossbones / Hardball Boogie / I Was a Fool / Has the Devil Gotten You? / Goodbye Lonesome / So Good, So Right / Long Blonde Hair

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Reviewed by CancerMan Mark, 2005