Honky Tonk Fools, Gin Palace Jesters
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5618

The Gin Palace Jesters from Chicago, Illinois are a four men troop and they are purveyors of the finest in hard hitting hillbilly Honky-tonk, Country Boogie and Western Swing . Infused with a deep and sincere fondness for all traditional American musical styles, the sound of the Gin Palace Jesters could best be described as being akin to the sounds of Country Music's "Golden" age. Although a portion of their live performances come from their vast catalog of the Hillbilly & Country Hit Parade, these boys are not mere followers or imitators. They also posses the talent of 3 songwriters performing original novelty numbers, heartfelt love songs, honky-tonk weepers, drinking songs and dark ballads. Delivering 3 and 4 part country harmony, the Gin Palace Jesters prove that authentic country and cowboy music can still hold validity in both traditional songs as well as brand new originals. Garnishing help from the occasional fiddle player, the Gin Palace Jesters are a true authentic American band often seen holding court where the thrones are bar stools, the lights are made of neon, the holy spirits are served on the rocks, and Hank Williams is King.

This band's music is no copycat material, they created their own style and 14, yep you're right, 14 of 15 songs were written partly by Dave Sisson who plays the guitar and by Kevin Carter who plays the Pedal Steel. A brilliant example of intelligent Country Roots Music with many novelty elements performed by a high quality and harmonic band. This is definitely music you'd like to listen to if you're on the highway, maybe on the way to your girl or to your family.

This platter was produced by Sean Mencher (High Noon), backed up by some famous musicians like Rosie Flores and finally picked up by Rhythm Bomb Records. If you like BR5-49, Dale Watson or the Chrome Daddies, this is the right choice. The guys will be on tour in June 2005 in Europe for the first and will play in Finland (Midsummer Jamboree), Spain (Screamin' Festival) and some gigs in Holland and Germany too.

Naildriver Style / Pomade On My Pillow / Drink One For Me / Up,Down, Over & Through / Lover Not A Fighter / Honky Tonk Fool / (I'll Just) Pick Up The Pieces / Love, Love, Love / Johnny Come Lately / Queen Of Broken Hearts / Gone / 18 Days And 18 Wheels / Pink Champagne (And A Chevy Caprice) / (I've) Drunk All My Troubles Away / Nashville Penny

The Gin Palace Jesters are:
Dave Sisson - Hollow Body Guitar
Casey Stockdon - Upright Bass
Buddy Carter - Pedal Steel, Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo
Rick Murawski - Drums
Ken Mottet - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Information & bookings:

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PO Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Mr. Firecreek, 2004