Get Set... Go! - The Nu Niles
Alpina records ALP1933

Formed in Barcelona in 1996, The Nu Niles is without any doubt one of the most popular rockabilly bands in Spain and very well known on the international rockabilly scene. Founded by Mario Cobo & Chris Juan out of a genuine desire to promote the very music they love. Trusting their instincts has always been the basis of their business and has proved to be the key to their success. Mario Cobo is well known and well respected throughout the music industry, having supplied his unique brand of guitar sound to some of the worlds headlining rockabilly bands, his substantial ability as a composer and songwriter allows him to scrutinize possible signings with an understanding that normally would take decades to acquire.

And after four years, the second album of the Nu Niles is finally here. A new voice, a new bassist and a bunch of new influences add a whole new range to the Nu Niles style, without changing it too much. To the classic rockabilly and Latin rock 'n' roll, they've added western swing and a touch of jazz. All twelve tracks on the album were self-penned by the band, mainly by Mario Cobo.

The opening tracks is titled "Rockin' In Morocco", and if this is a sample of what we're gonna get on the rest of the album, I can just yell "buy it cats" and stop writing right here. Superb low down rockabilly with a steady slapping bass, changing rhythms and little distortion on the lead guitar, mixed in with some oriental riffs. Classy! More slap comes our way on "Always Fightin'", very simple, but very effective. Magnificent guitar licks on "I Need Her", in fact, the guitar is great on all the songs. More hot rockabilly with "I Got Me A Girl", followed by a well sung ballad "Mr. Moonshine", not really my cup-a-tea, but it seems that every album must have a ballad these days. The uptempo instrumental "Strummer's Swing" has many inflences ranging from swing to latin to jazz, but it sure rocks. "Parquear" is kind of a Spanish folk song with a rocking beat and "Put It Back" can be best described as a rockabilly song with a blues beat.

"Forget About Me" is another ballad, and although it's very well done, it's one ballad too many for me. I'd much rather listen to the Buddy Holly sound on "I Won't Say I'm In Love" or the slow rockabilly pounding on "My Dreams". "So Long, That's All, Goodbye" is, as the title implies, the closer of the album. A great album with a little something for everybody, musicaly perfect, but over all a little on the slow side. For us rockabilly fans, I had wished all songs were more like "Rockin' In Morocco", my favorite without any doubt.


The Nu Niles are:
Mario Cobo - Guitars & Yellin'
Ivan Kovacevic - Doghouse Bass & Yodelin'
Marco Antonio López - Drums & Howlin'

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003