Runnin' Wild Sampler, Danny Gatton & Friends
Rave On Records U.K., 2002

This is a non profit disc, all money raised will be donated to Billy Poore, owner of 'Renegade Records' and author of the book 'Rockabilly, A Forty Year Journey', who recently lost everything in a fire that distroyed his home, studio and most of his possessions. Billy has been involved in the Rock 'n' Roll music scene as a performer, song writer and producer for more than 40 years. Billy is currently trying to rebuild 'Renegade Records' from an unused store in Linden, Tennessee. Your support will help save one of the few remaining small independent labels left today.

First let me tell you that this is NOT a professional release. This is my friend Mike Russell's first attempt to distribute a self-burned compilation album, trying to help out his buddy Billy. So don't expect any miracles. What Mike did is, get the best rocking tracks from the (expensive) Renegade 4 CD set "Runnin' Wild" and put them on this rockabilly sampler. Although this is a self-burned issue, it is all quite legal. Mike has released this sampler with permission from Renegade Records U.S.A. as the sole European distributor.

I was immediatly impressed by this disc, but (as stated before) it wasn't done very profesionally. Sound levels of the songs were incoherent and dynamics differed a lot between the songs. I contacted Mike about this and after a little chat, I agreed to see what I could do for him. And so the second issue of the sampler has been remastered (best I could) by yours truly, keep in mind though that it's still an amateur release.

The music on the disc however is just great. 17 tracks by artists like Johnny Seaton, Todd Monroe, Leslee 'Bird' Anderson, Steve Simmonds and Billy Poore. All with Danny Gatton on guitar and recorded at Renegade. Including Johnny Seaton's ever great "Rockin' Man". The only thing that made me wonder a bit is the inclusion of Steve Simmonds "Too Much To Eat", which is more a funky song than it is rock & roll. Well, with 16 great tracks out of 17, who's complaining? Contact Mike Russell at:

Rave On Promotions
21 Harris Avenue
Rumney, Cardiff
CF3 1QA, U.K.

The BlackCat & Mike 'Rave On' Russel at the Dutch Teds Fest, 2003

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002