Life Behind Bars, The Garnet Hearts 
Wild Hare Records WH07001

Debut CD Press release from Wild Hare Records:
The band, The Garnet Hearts lept onto the rockin' stage in 2005 when they released 5 smoking tracks on Wild Hare Records "Ain't Rocket Science Vol 1". One track "Scotch Whisky", instantly became a favorite anthem in the dance halls of the U.S. and Europe. Subsequently, the phone has been ringing off the hook at Wild Hare. "Who are they?", "That singer sure sounds familiar"... "When is the full length CD coming out?"... "They are the best new band in the U.S.!!" On and on the positive comments kept flowing. We can tell you that Eddie MacIntosh and drummer Mark Pettijohn are remnants of the Baltimore based Boom Boom Cats. The tight rhythm section is further anchored with bassist Johnny Bozarth. Lead guitar is shared by Eddie MacIntosh and Andy Hall when playing live with the stunt guitar stylings of the Legendary Maynard Sheppard, while the lead guitar on the CD is shared by Alex Fine and Dave Moore. But what is most striking is the raw, powerful vocals and tremendous song writing of Eddie.

The Garnet Hearts debut release "Life Behind Bars" is finally back from pressing and ready to go! Recorded to reel to reel analog tape at the famous New Hope Recording studios, Eddie and the boys are in their element delivering authentic Americana in the form of real rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. The 14 tracks on this disc are the real thing and are easily at home in the collection of anyone who loves the Sun Records recordings of the 1950's. The standout song-writing of Eddie MacIntosh coupled with the raw talent of the group serve as a breath of fresh air and a treat to fans of early American music. From the opening track "Quite A Situation" with it's wild and hot guitar to the sexy rhythm and blues of "I Wait"... Life Behind Bars will be a staple in the collection of American music lovers.

The review:
Well, what can I add to the words of this press release? It's true, this is a great album in the tradition of wild american rockabilly filled with catchy, danceable and well written, original songs. Nothing to disagree there. Eddie MacIntosh is one of those rare songwriters who masters the fine art of telling a story and wrap it in a cool rock'n'rollin' giftpaper. In my opinion he's up there with the likes of Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry. The musicians are tight and smoothly oiled in gear. The musical variety is plenty, well within the boundaries of the genre that is, and hey, that's the way we want it, don't we?

My personal favorites on this platter would be "Quite A Situation", the opening track, and "Gypsy Eyes". Also the instrumental "Slipper Room Stomp" adds an extra flavor to this album (if you ask me, every album should have at least one). And every married man can relate to the very funny "Trouble and Strife" a duet with a very nice Nancy Whiskey-like female singer. Wild Hare studio's did a perfect job grabbing the authentic fifties atmosphere, a mighty fine job, kudo's to the recording personel!

OK boys, you did it: five stars granted for your debut album!

Quite a Situation / Life Behind Bars / Gypsy Eyes / Four Shades of Red / Lucky Number Seven / I Wanna Make Love / I Wait / Slipper Room Stomp / The Drunkard and the Poet / Red Lipstick / Trouble and Strife / Scotch Whisky / Is a Good Life to Me / Aint Crazy

Eddie Macintosh - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Mark Pettijohn - Drums
Alex Fine - Lead Guitar
John Bozarth - Upright Bass, Vocals
The Legendary Maynard Shepard - Stunt-Guitar,Washboard

Contact information: 

Wild Hare Records
908 New Hope Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2007