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Every now and then, a CD falls on my doormat that knocks me right off my feet. This one did just that! I had never heard anything by The Flatfoot Shakers before, but I was very surprised when I first played this platter. This is top-shelf rockabilly with a bite! Thirteen tracks (40 mins.) of which a big nine are Flatfoot Shakers' originals. If you haven't heard of The Flatfoot Shakers before either, but you like fat greasy rockabilly in a classic 50s style, this one is for you. It can easlily match up to some of my other favorites in this genre like The Satellites, Duvals, Jack Baymoore and Go Getters. Like The Satelites, this band originates from Australia (or Oz as they call it).

The CD starts off with a fast paced sure-to-be-a-classic rockabilly bopper "My Little Baby's Gone Boppin' Tonight". Superb classic sound, great Scotty Moore style lead guitar by Phil Jones, I love this guy already. The second track named "Whenever You're Ready" is a very well done cover of Dorsey Burnette's self-penned "Let's Fall In Love" (Abbott 188, 1956). Track 3 is titled "Heartbreakin' Mama" and that's a bit misleading, because you will immediatly think of the Skeets McDonald classic (with Eddie Cochran on guitar), but this is a totally different song. It's kind of a slower-paced honky tonk rockabilly thing with a greasy fat doghouse bass (great!), written by the band's singer Kieron McDonald (did you notice Skeets and Kieron DO have the same last name :))

Number four "Chicka Boom", also written by Kieron, is another gem in a rockabilly blues style that will tear you up... shivers down my spine. Next is Hal Harris' classic "Jitterbop Baby", well done. Six already, another one of Kieron's songs "Yonder Comes The Devil", a country song to dream away on, very light vocals and some additional steel guitar by Rick Dempster. "Stutterin' Sue" is another pounding rockabilly love song with a great lead guitar. And "You Ain't So Big" immediatly reminded me of some old Ballroomers (Finland) EP's from the eighties, maybe Kieron picked up their sound when he stayed in Europe in the early 90s, great vocals.

"I Wonder If" is a cover of Jimmy Kirkland's Teen Life single and "Lonesome" is yet another Kieron-penned original, a ballad this time, to slow down the pace a bit (I was getting quite hot here). The next one is titled "Phil's Boogie", obviously written by the band's lead gitarist Phil Jones. The "Boogie" part of the title would suggest a piano rocker, but it's not. It's a bluesy (but still rockabilly) instrumental with great guitar. Track twelve "Tag Along" is a Rocket Morgan cover, that was also very well covered by Hank C. Burnette on Mac records in the seventies. Wonder which one the band heard first.. And last but not least, "Bad Luck Blues", a Kieron original again with that distinctive greasy slap.

Too bad this is the end of it, wish there were 26 tracks on this CD, but I can asure you, this one is worth your money for sure. I don't know if you can find this gem in the shops, but it is available directly from the band.

-- The BlackCat, 2000 --

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