Ceety Leemits, The Flamin' Locos
Independent, 2002

With Mick "The Stick" Hudson on stand up two piece drums and Johnny Trash on double bass the Loco's have a formidable rhythm section that has been together for ten years in such bands as X.DNA and Morris and the Minors. Add to that Duke Wilde on lead guitar, combine all three lead vocals and three part harmonies and you have got the hottest Countrybilly Turbo Twangin' outfit to come out of the Brisbane area in the last two... maybe even three weeks!

The Flamin' Locos debut album "Ceety Leemits" has been released to rave reviews and is selling like hot cakes. The band has a big year ahead of them with performances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (Australias biggest music event) and a repeat performance at The Wintersun Festival (Australias biggest 50's Festival). The Flamin' Locos are also constantly touring to promote their music with two major tours in the pipeline for 2003.

With a high energy show that has the right amount of humour the Locos are a formidable force on the live scene in Australia and are planning to take their act overseas in the very near future. Playing a mixture of Hank, Elvis, Little Richard, Buck Owens plus a generous amount of originals the Loco's audience have been going Loco over the Loco's. So jump on board 'cos we're pulling out of the station... woo, woo!

I'm glad the Loco's named their music "Countrybilly", because for some reason everybody these days seems to think that a rockabilly band needs a pedal steel guitar. Many do, but have you ever heard Johnny Burnette, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran use one? Guess not. This countrybilly music is actually plain country with a rockabilly beat. That doesn't mean it doesn't sound great, mixing Hank Williams with Johnny Burnette is nothing new, but this band sure rocks!

For starters, all 13 tracks are self-penned originals, starting with "I Don't Need No Job (You Can Go To Hell)", a catchy rocking song about a country boy, just out of prison, who wants to hit another bank, wear a cowboy hat and live a flashy life. Without ever working for his money of course. A real gone slapping bass and smooth chorus vocals make this one heck of a countrybilly song. The second track has a nice twist in the lyrics "Givin' Up Givin' Up Drinking Over You". A good idea to start the new year with (since we're all having good intentions of course), I guess I'll give up givin' up drinkin' too, and open another bottle!

The ballad "Why Did You Leave Me" got to me, although I'm not a ballad kinda guy at all. Just imagine you'll have to do your own washing after two dozen or so years of marriage? Mmm, makes you wanna hold on to what you got. In spite of the title "In The Country", this song is a real rocker, with lap steel and hot lead guitar breaks. And so is "Draggin' Me Around", with that distinctive sound of bass snares clicking on the doghouse, and you can really bop around in the "Juke Joint" and maybe you "Won't Be Fooled Again".

This is a swell debut album, a cool mix of country, ballads and rock 'n' roll. The (blue) slap bass gives it that rockabilly feel, and together with the superb chorus vocals it serves you this original Flamin' Locos sound. Heck, even the jewel case looks great, with a three-fold inside cover that looks like an old western movie. Well done.

The Flamin' Locos are:
Ronnie 'The Duke' Wilde - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Pedal Steel, Jaw Harp
Johnny 'The Trailer' Trash - Vocals, Double Bass
Mick ' The Stick' Hudson - Vocals, Drums

Contact information:
The Flamin' Locos
P.O. Box 349
Burpengary, Qld
Australia, 4505
Phone: +61 (0)7 - 3888 8859


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Additional information by Aaron Partridge