Fireball Steven, Rockin' Swede Hits the U.S.
NBT #115

Here's the first record of Fireball Steven & The Saddle Pals, a Swedish guy with a U.S. band. The result of the recordings done in West Virginia in July 2002 at New Hope recording studio, a studio that has the love for the primitive 50's sound. On these three original tracks you can hear Fireball Steven (real name Nic Nilsson) from Sweden, who had several vinyl releases with the Hale Bops, together with The Saddle Pals from The United States, with Bob Butler on flattop and guitarist David Moore, who is also the guitar man for Vernon Taylor (Sun) and Billy Adams (Dot). This is music that comes straight from the heart.

In March 2001 Nic Nilsson played with his band The hale Bops on a tour in Finland with legend Vernon Taylor. He became friends with Vernon's guitarist David Moore. The following year Nic went to the States with his girlfriend, to attend the Greenbay Rockin' 50s Fest, and they payed a visit to David. Both Nic and David wanted to do some recordings in david's own New Hope studios. Nic wrote a song titled "Annie" and david wrote "Hot Rod Daddy" and The Ride". The three songs were released on a vinyl EP by NBT Records. The record can be ordered directly from Nic "Fireball Steve" Nilsson.

Contact information:
Nic Nilsson
Phone: +46 303 336599

NBT Records
228 Morgan Lane
Berkely Springs
West Virginia
25411 U.S.A.

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