A Farewell Legacy, Eddie Sulik
Hard Rock Hattie Productions, 1999
 Eddie Sulik, Sweet Memories (LS 1000-002)
 Eddie Sulik, A Farewell Legacy (LS 1000-003)

Contained herein are the Crown Jewels of one of the finest musicians of a forgotten generation. Works, almost lost for an eternity, brought bark to appear as fresh as the day they were created. Countless hours and the diligent efforts of talented engineers, technicians and artists making use of state-of-the-art technology helped to make it all happen.

All original analog recordings have been digitally restored and re-mastered using special computer aided processes designed to preserve the artists performances without wagering any part of the original sound. Certain minor imperfections our engineers could not completely erase as they were inherent to our source recordings. These may serve to remind us of the limitations in technology during the early 1960s. These small imperfections should not however detract from listening pleasure, but only add to the nostalgic warmth of these Vintage archives.

Cover shots and liner photos have also been digitally restored, colorized, and in some cases computer enhanced showing Eddie as those who loved him remember him best. Combining vintage analog type sounds with digital technology creates a sound that many artists today are attempting to replicate. This album contains the real thing in its purest form; a digital transformation of a lost legacy and the God-given gift Eddie left us in his music. A folded CD inlay also contains the lyrics of all twelve songs.

Performing Artists:
Eddie Sulik: Lead & background Vocals, Vocal Harmony, Guitars, Harmonica
The Nastu Sisters: (Frieda, Catherine and Stella Chapar Nastu) Background Vocals
Johnny Henks: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
George Kiriakis: Vocal Harmony & Lead Guitar
Dave Long: Electric Bass
Ed Cholakian: Bass
Tom Reilly: Steel Guitar
Arne Weber: Drums, Percussion, Accordion
Ronnie Rich: Drums, Percussion
Armand Grillo:

Puppy Love / Heartbeat / Lovesick Blues / Twist All Night / Bounty Hunter Dale / Where Can She Be / Anna Marie / Hard Rock Hattie / Lover / Only Foolin' / Anna Marie -w/girls / Who (Country Version) / + Bonus Recording

E-mail: echoes_mail@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.eddiesulik.com

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