El Rio Trio 3, El Rio Trio 
Tombstone Records Holland, 2008

Well, finally here is the new CD of El Rio Trio! The album we were all waiting for. And it is worth waiting for!! El Rio Trio is a four mans formation dispite of the name "Trio" in it. They say: the fourth man you'll get for free...And when we talk numbers here, this is the third CD of this great band from Amsterdam, Holland. I have spoken to Bopper, the Bassman of El Rio Trio, and he told me a short story of "the making of El Rio Trio 3". It all began at a Friday evening in May 2008 when they hit Bunt Studio in Utrecht to get their gear ready. Starting next Saturday morning at 10 p.m. with recording all the musical stuff, and later that day a few songs provided with some lyrics. End of the first session at 11 a.m.. That was probably because the guys had eaten by a local Chinese... Sunday a fresh start? Well, because of that Chinese food the night before they often had to seek the little room to check out the acoustic of that little room! But they are tough Rockers so they get on as if nothing had happened. For the song "Chills and Fever" they arranged Richard Bowring to play the Didgeridoo. This is of course not the usual instrument for Rockabilly but it sounds great and unique! After singing the rest of the songs they were ready at 9 p.m., pretty fast for a complete recording of a whole CD! This night no Chinese food for the boys... On this CD are fifteen songs of which Richard Jordan wrote six of them, guitarist Wouter wrote one song and the remaining eight songs are "stolen" from the better Rockabilly artists. The mixing of all the songs took three evenings hard work and is done by Bopper, Richard, Wouter and by the master himself André van de Bunt from Bunt Studio in Utrecht. The cover of this album is made by Hans.

Okay, let us listen to this long awaited CD.
Opener "Could You, Would You", written by Richard, sets the tune for this great CD. Real Rockabilly is played here, steady beat from bass and drums and Wouter is right on drift with guitar. Next is "She's Got It Going On", also by Richard, great lyrics, great music, point. We go on with "Big Hunk Of Love", this song is worldwide known because Elvis Presley has sung it, but I must say Richard sure does a great job here! "Friday Night" is my kind of ballad, again written by Richard. Top song! Number five is "Secret Agent Man", sung by Bopper, he's got such a voice that you recognice everywhere, if you know him then you know I'm right! Number six on this album is "High Blond Fever", pretty fast Rockabilly played in a steady fast beat. This Rockabilly beat goes on with "Hot Saturday Night", again written by Richard, just as High Blond Fever, he knows what he's doing! We have already talked about "Chills And Fever". But the way El Rio Trio plays it, nobody ever has done it this way. First you hear an icely scream of an elefant and then you hear the voices Bopper and Richard. This spontaneous talk fitted pretty good in this song so they left it in this song. As said before, Richard Bowring played the Didgeridoo, it gets me chickenskin, I love this song!! If you don't know the original song, then I can tell you that I like this version much better, even with the sound of flying mosquitos (they came with the didgeridoo??).

Next "Don't Hang Around Me Anymore", originally written by J.Ford, but covered in a El Rio way, that means great beat and the voice of Bopper. He also sings the next song "Local Boy", jet another great cover. "It's Late", written by D.Burnette and sung this time by Richard is one of the best covers on this album, at least I think so..."Sea Of Heartbreak" a nice Rockabilly Ballad and is in fact a song that wasn't planned on this CD. Well I'm glad that this song is added to this album! "Mr Jailorman" has a bluesy tune in it. You hear Richard on Blues Harp, great song, you must see it played live as well!! The guitarist Wouter, who had his first CD recording with El Rio Trio, was "forced" to write a song also. This is called "Something Strong". It is the one and only instrumental on this CD. I think the title has to do with his surname, because that's "Sterk", in English: "Strong", and by the way, this number is Something Strong! Richard has done something great to the next and last song. He has taken the lyrics from "Suspicious Minds", very known from Elvis, and made an intro from ACDC to fit a Rockabilly song that no one has done before! You MUST hear this! At this time you readers may understand that I rate this CD very much, so I give it five out of five stars!

Could You, Would You / She's Got It Going On / Big Hunk Of Love/ Friday Night / Secret Agent Man / High Blond Fever / Hot Saturday Night / Chills And Fever / Don't Hang Around Me / Local Boy / It's Late / Sea of Heartbreak / Mr Jailorman / Something Strong / Suspicious Minds

El Rio Trio are:
Bopper - Double Bass, Vocals
Richard - Rhythm Guitar, Blues Harp, Vocals
Wouter - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Hans - Drums, Vocals

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Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008