Whazzzuuup! - El Rio Trio
Tombstone Records CD-2094

This, you Cats and Kittens, is the fourth album of the great Dutch Rockabilly band El Rio Trio. It is three years since their last CD, so wouldn't it be time for a new one? Ask around their fans and followers and they tell you that El Rio Trio should make an album every month! Well, I shure agree with that!
This four mans Trio, hahaha, does have a large fansection of the Dutch population that goes where ever El Rio Trio is playing. I must say that I have seen them play many, many times, and every time it's a big party, with great Rockabilly, Swing, Doo Wop and everything else what they get out of their instruments. Go see them live! But before you go see them, let me tell you about this new CD.

Again this one was recorded at the Bunt Studio in Utrecht, Netherlands. André Bunt has some patience build up with these four guys.... Hans, the drummer, told me that guitarist Ries again did visit the little room more often then normal, although this time they had not eaten with the local Chinese (remember the recordings of the third CD?), was it a flashback?? Who knows, but let's now get a bit serious. Before the recording of this album was get going, an amplifier was blown up, probably to much enthusiasme here. End of recording day one. After the repair of this amplifier they were on to go, and this brings me to the musical part of this review.

Drummer Hans plays the first notes on Bad Mess, a song written by Richard Jordan, who took care of the vocals too. To me it sounds like good old Riobilly with Elvis Presley influences, nice song. One of my favourites is Cradle of Love, the second track. It is sung by bassman Bopper, with his typical sound, just right for this song. Bad Day Dreamer, is original written by Restless, splendid Rockabilly, again vocals by Bopper. Next we go over to some serious stuff: Go Home Letter, a love balad about a guy that sents a letter that must go home to tell the girl he misses her so, he wishes he was that letter, very nice done with three voices. I'm impressed! Uptempo Rockabilly in Long White Cadillac, this one is written by Dave Alvin, the vocals this time by Richard, with a very nice lead guitar, not too loud, just right! Sometimes when Richard Jordan writes a new song, this time it's called We Won't Get Along, he puts in an instrument that they do not play themselfs, on CD #3 it was a Didgeridoo, this time it is a Cornet, (maybe I may not say so but it sounds like a Trumpet) this Cornet is played by Ad Klink. The Harmonica you hear is played by Richard. The Cornet gives this song that Mexican touch, which sounds great! Ragged and Dirty is a cover, written by Willy Brown. Musically very good, great bass and guitar, I have heard it several times live, then it's much better, but that is my opinion. Richard takes over the vocals on If You Think I Don't Need You, a very nice uptempo Rocker, steady beat with again great lead guitar! A rockin' Balad as I like it very much, written and sung by Richard with second voice by Bopper, I love it! Next is a song that is written by Gonzo, one of the founding members of the Bopcats Amsterdam. Gonzo has past away not long ago. This song is dedicated to Gonzo and to all their friends in Rockin' Heaven, who shure are looking from above how El Rio Trio's interpretation of Gonzo's song Gonzo's Macaroni is performed. Well, I only can say: goose bumbs.... Whaazzzuuup, the titlesong of this album is again written by Richard. Rockabilly as only El Rio Trio can play it, uptempo, very steady drums and great bass. Wouter on Lead guitar is playing great as well, didn't I tell you already? Next is Runaway, everbody knows this song, original from Del Shannon. This cover is done so good, it is again one of my favourites of this album. Last but not least El Rio Trio recorded Flaming Star, which everbody knows from Elvis Presley. Lead vocals by Richard, second voice by Bopper. These two voices belongs together! The harmonica on this song makes it complete.

Well, I had great fun listening to this new album, and I shall be listining to it many times, I'm shure. If I had to rate this CD, it is going to get five stars, a must have!

Bad Mess / Cradle Of Love / Bad Day Dreamer / Go Home Letter / Long White Cadillac / We Won't Get Along / Ragged And Dirty / If You Think I Don't Need You / I'll Keep Pretending / Gonzo's Macaroni / Whaazzzuuup! / Runaway / Flaming Star

El Rio Trio are:
Richard - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica
Bopper - Vocals / Double Bass
Wouter - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Hans - Drums / Vocals

Guest musician: Ad Klink - Cornet on We Won't Get Along

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Reviewed Rockin' Kees 2011