El Loco Rocanrol Vol. 1 & 2 - Various Artists
Floridita Records, FRCD01/02

Hi folks! Here we are again. When my friend The BlackCat asked me to write this review I accepted right away (as I always do). I've always listened to Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly songs in English. At first, I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I loved it nonetheless. After a while I managed to understand it and I loved it even more.

This is the first time (or almost) that I listened to these songs in my mother tongue. Well, kind of, 'cause this is not Spanish, it's Mexican, but except for a few words they're very much alike. I must say, I really had a ball. Specially with the lyrics, that most of the times are completely different from the original English ones (have I mentioned that I like lyrics).

I absolutely loved "Presumida" which is a pretty nice version of Cliff Richards' "High Class Baby" and "La Mantequilla" (The Butter), which is quite a hilarious version of "Move It", another well known Cliff Richards hit. You can also find versions of Little Richard's "Lucille" (a couple of them, as a matter of fact), "Lonesome Train" and "Good Rockin' Tonight" to name just a few. But then again, I'm not sure of the effect this will have on most of you guys, because I can understand the lyrics, the impression may be different.

I've been investigating a little bit and I found out that, for instance, Los Teen Tops (probably the most important of them all, along with Los Locos del Ritmo) have versions of lots of our favourite 50s and 60s hits: Long Tall Sally (Largirucha Sally), King Creole (Rey Criollo), Tutti Frutti, Blue Suede Shoes (Zapatos de Ante Azul), Jailhouse Rock (El Rock de la Cárcel), Johnny B. Goode (Ven, Johnny, Ven), Bony Moronie (Popotitos), I gotta get these too asap.

Most of these bands are from the late fifties and early sixties and they certainly convey the spirit of that age. I think you're gonna like this historic document of the birth of Latin American Rock 'n' Roll. This is how it all began. Enjoy it!

Tracklisting Volume 1:
Los Baby Rocks - Me Nena
Los Crazy Boys - El Niño Popis
Johny Tedesco - El Rock Del Ton Ton
Los Teen Tops - Presumida
Los Locos Del Ritmo - La Mantequilla
Los Crazy Kings - Crazy Kings
Los Loud Jets - Sputnik
Los Boppers - Tren Solitario
Los Milos - Lucila
Roberto Carlos - Es Prohibido Fumar
Los Locos del Ritmo - Chica Alborotada
Los Teen Tops - Lucille
Los Rockets - Tarantula
Los Hittlers - Mary y Juana
Dyno Y Los Solitarios - Ahi Va mi Nena
Los Teen Tops - Buen Rock Esta Noche
Los Locos del Ritmo - El Caracol
Los Sirex - El Tren De La Costa
Los Rebeldes Del Rock - Trashtornado
Lalo Guerrero - Marihuana Boogie
Los Psicodelicos Xochimilcas - Susie Q
Los Babys - Jinetes Del Cielo

Tracklisting Volume 2:
Los Apson - Calor
Los Locos Del Ritmo - Polvora
Los Teen Tops - La Plage
Los Pumas - Carol
Los Rockeros - Pinocho
Los Huracanes - Lindy Lou
Los Apson - Microscopico Bikini
Los Sonambulos - Tren Solitario
Los Tammys - Las Viejas Molestan
Los Teen Tops - Rey Criollo
Los Pumas - Little Honda
The Rocking Boys - Viva El Rock
Los Locos Del Ritmo - Solo Un Mes
Adriano Celentano - El Rebelde
Los Pajaros Locos - Teddy Girl
The Rocking Boys - Mister Twister
Enrique Guzman - Ritmo Bonito
Chico Valento - Loco Por El Rock
Johnny Tedesco - Vuelve Primero
Perez Prado - Why What
The Rocking Boys - Wipe Out
Los Beatniks - Que Paso Con John
Tony & Charley - Escucha Cowboy

Liner notes (translated from Spanish)

The Spanish RnR was born by copying the music of some of the most famous hits of that age, maintaining or even improving in some occasions, the rhythm of the originals and most of the times doing a free translation of the lyrics. It was our own interpretation of the musical revolution that was taking place in the anglo-saxon countries and that we didn't want to miss.

Bands like Teen Tops, Crazy Boys, Los Rebeldes del Rock y Los Locos del Ritmo, pioneers in this genre, popularized it inside and outside their respective frontiers.

Bands like Loud Jets even managed to play at Ed Sullivan's Show and recorded enRoulette like The Mexican Jet or Johnny Tedesco, who sold almost 500.000 copies of his "Rock del Tom Tom". All of them made possible that girls and boys could dance to Rock'n'Roll rhythm and didn't have to attend cocktail parties and suffer 'Los Cinco Latinos' or 'Luis Aguilé'.

In this CD we've tried to include sundry styles of RnR, from the pure instrumentals to the wildest rockers, going through some latin rhythms but all of them with something in common: sung in Spanish and performed by latin bands.

So, take your leather jacket, comb your hair with lots of grease, grab your gal and... Get ready for the crazy rhythm of Rock'n'Roll.

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Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005/2006