I Save My Soul, Eddy Ray Cooper
Big Beat Records BBR00089

Eddy Ray was born in 1967 in the north of France and spent his childhood in various places in France and Italy. In 1989 he settled on the French Riviera and he formed his first band called "Sweet Nashville" which became a local favorite rock 'n' roll Band. Since then he has performed in many exciting venues across Europe & Quebec (Canada), including festivals, private parties, as well as many bars and pubs throughout France. His life is filled with dirt roads, small towns, little thrills, tiny moments and intimate connections, always delivering shows of high energy and emotional moments.

In 1996 at Cannes Midem, he met songwriters such as Alex Harvey, Sony Curtis and Becky Hobbs. These talented people inspired him to begin writing his own songs. He engages in the perfect marriage, rockabilly and country music, in French and English language. Eddy Ray has already released two CD's & one live DVD and has just finished recording his third rockabilly studio album in Coarraze (France) titled "I Save My Soul (A Rockabilly Spirit)". If you were to take a pint of Johnny Cash, and a shot of Carl Perkins, mix them with a honky tonk style of Merle Haggard and, Eddy Ray Cooper would be the result.

From the first song on, this album grabbed me by the balls. Like the man said, a mix of two of my favorite originators Johnny & Carl. Eddy Ray is French, and all French people usually have a bad accent when they sing English songs. Not Eddy Ray, his pronunciation is pretty good and his singing voice... well, that's pretty darn good as well. Of course, he must be a great performer, having his record out on Big Beat. Have you ever heard a poor or bad Big Beat record? Guess not!

And Eddy Ray has got a top notch band with him as well, greasy slapping on the doghouse bass, steady drums and fantastic lead guitar breaks make this production a feast for every rockabilly's ears. All songs were written by the man himself, except for the Joey Welz (ex Bill Haley's Comets) song "Rock'n Country Boogie Man". If that's not enough, Eddy Ray also produced the album himself, and did a very good at that too. Plain and simple, straight forward fifties style rockabilly music and a superb sound. Did I mention I like his style? Right on...

The musicians:
Eddy Ray Cooper - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Francois Calais - Gretsch & Dusenberg Guitars
Daniel Marsale - Upright Bass
Clovis Dehennin - Drums, Harmony Vocals

Elvis Said / I Save My Soul / I Don't Know What To Do / The Lonesome Man / Lost In Boogie / Friday Night / Rock'n Country Boogie Man / Give Me Money / Five Days Off / Email From Jail

Contact & bookings:
Phone: +33 68 50 46 397

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006