The Echoes 1959/1960, A Vintage Collection
His Own music productions TE6998

In early 1959 at a Wanda Jackson concert, two gifted musicians were introduced to each other and exchanged phone numbers, not dreaming that by November of that year, they would be signed to a record deal with a major label. They were flown to Nashville Tennessee where they would record two singles at Bradlee Studios with some of Nashville's legends, the "A" team. Buddy Harman on drums, Grady Martin on bass, Hank Garland Electric guitar, and the Anita Kerr singers doing background vocals. Singing lead vocal Ed Sulik, and his partner George Kiriakis singing lead harmony and playing lead guitar completed the session.

This rock 'n' roll duo had a sound much like the Everly Brothers yet stood out in there own original style. After the session, Don Law A/R who produced the session took Ed and George out to dinner and later to there surprise found themselves backstage at the "Grand Ole Opry" being introduced to Jim Reeves, Marty Robins, Minny Pearl and a host of others. When they returned to Connecticut, George's friend David Hanson a DJ on WMMM became the duos manager.

From January 1960 to September of that year, their appearances in the Tri State area included, The Clay Cole Show Chan. 13, Biggy Nevins Connecticut Bandstand, Hartford Chan. 3. They were featured at record hops along with Barbara MacNair, the Temptations, Johnny Tilotson, Johnny Bumette and a young Paul Anka. They traveled with The Miss Universe pageant with the Richard Maltby Orchestra under Al Patricelli.

Allthough they were well received,they could not get the promotion they deserved due to the "Payola" scandal. They found themselves with little airplay and soon George and Ed found themselves drifting back to different musical careers, and by September of that year they parted as the Echoes. Ed Sulik returned to a solo act back at the Emerald Room Hotel and continued his career until his untimely death in 1965 due to a car accident. George continued his career in music and is still active in recording, writing and producing. This CD is dedicated to the music of the Echoes as a timepiece of their short history. It is beautifully narrated along with all of their music, interviews, photos, and a nostalgic audio clip from the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour in 1950. All materials and original masters are from George Kiriakis' archives.

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By George Kiriakis, used with permission