Dust & Diesel, Flatbroke Trio
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OK, they're flatbroke, thats a fact. Therefore these guys are trying to earn a buck or two, by playing good ole rockabilly and country boogie. These fellers might be broke in moneywise, but when it comes to musical talent and performing, they are Rockefellers! The first band where these three guys played was a Neo-Rockabilly project called Moonshiner, but they soon canceled it and focused their eyes on the Flatbroke Trio project.

Their love for old American music goes way back. Members of the Flatbroke Trio have been listening to rockabilly, country, blues, etc... since they were little kids. In the early eighties there was a rockabilly-boom in Finland and at that time these youngsters got bitten by fifties rock’n’roll. And at some point they felt certain urge to play the music they so deeply loved.

After several bands they finally found each other, and along with some other friends they formed a neo-rockabilly band called Moonshiner. Originally Flatbroke Trio was a side-project, inside Moonshiner, but after Moonshiner found it impossible to carry on, Trio remained alive and kicking.

Flatbroke Trio released their debute cd in April 2003, which was sold out in a wink of an eye! In the summer of 2004 guys hit the studio and results of that session can be heard on their brand new full-length album called "Dust & Diesel".

These three fellers play a fantastic mixture of Country Boogies and Rockabilly in the good High Noon tradition and their album is a REAL treat, exspecially if you listen to it while your're on the road to the heart of yours! While you're talkin' to the devil and prayin' to the lord, songs like Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse, Backstabbin' Joe, Rosalie and Lifelong Saturday Night will lead you into a chaos of different feelings, which will range from optimism to depression and from sadness to luck. And the last things we see are the tail lights of your car, disappearing in the dust of the highway... In my opinion one of the best albums of 2004 and highly recommended!! And believe it or not, 10 of the 15 tracks are their own compositions!! COOL!

The Flatbroke Trio are:
Henri Pirttimäki - Electric Lead Guitar
Rami Soini - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Ari Sjöblom - Upright Bass

Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse / Baby's Comin' Home / Backstabbin' Joe / Don't Think Twice, It's Alright / Rosalie / I'm Still In Love With You / Leavin' This Town / Small-Town Gal / Lifelong Saturday Night / Red Eyes / A Letter From Shanghai / I Can't Tell You / Modern Romance / I'm Her Man, Understand? / Whispering

Contact information:
Phone Rami: +358-40-5038816

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Reviewed by Mr. Firecreek, 2004