Kitty, Kitty ...GROWL! - Dulcie Younger & The Silencers
Golly Gee Records GGR 1033

Bottle-feeding a full grown cheetah, hitching a ride with a pacecar driver around the california speedway at the indy 400, serenading a rockerfeller. Sound like an elvis movie? Just another day in the life of modern singer/songwriter and hollywood glamour girl Dulcie Younger, who somehow manages to combine a punk rock sensibility with a girl-next-door sweetness in her music. Retro-fitted and vintage-tailored, Dulcie is reviving a lost era of teenage rebels.

Dulcie Younger & The Silencers "Kitty, Kitty... GROWL!" is a brand new Golly Gee album by a Los Angeles based female rockabilly tigress, backed by hot rockin' trio featuring legendary guitarist Deke Dickerson. Like a young Elizabeth Taylor, Miss Younger keeps her hair in tight curls, her lips painted red, and the neckline on her vintage dresses daringly low. Her singing style is intimate, a close-range whisper into a studio microphone, and her songs echo with both desire and desperation.

There's no way that anyone can NOT like this record. Just looking at the cover pictures of Dulcie will immediatly make your heart melt, and on top of that she has a really fantastic and very sexy voice. Add Deke Dickerson on guitar, the usual superb quality of Golly Gee Records, and you know you can't go wrong!

Hitting off with a superb rockabilly stomper "Make Me Mad" with real gone guitar licks and a smooth voice that reminds somewhat of Marilyn Monroe (only much better), you just know you are in for a treat! Slowing down the pace with "The Devil had Angel Eyes", Dulcie's singing only gets better. "What Kinda Lovin'" has the sound of an twinkling old time lullaby, with a pounding bass guitar, followed by another great rocker titled "You Cry Wolf".

"If Silence Is Golden" is one of the inevitable ballads, you can sit down and relax for a while, or just skip to the Buddy Holly styled bopper "Bumble Bee Sting", or the hard knocking Janis Martin influenced "Smokin' Gun". One more ballad titled "Dreamin'" before the album closes with another rock 'n' roller titled "Bad Luck Baby", with Deke doing some more real sharp guitar breaks. Dulcie's debut album is nothing less than wonderful, and this feline singer can easily compete with female rockabilly favorites like Kim Lenz and Josie Kreuzer. All tracks are orginal songs and the lyrics are available from our Lyrics section, courtesy of Dulcie Younger.

Make Me Mad / Angel Eyes / What Kinda Lovin' / You Cry Wolf / If Silence Is Golden / Bumble Bee Sting / Figured Out / Smokin' Gun / Dreamin' / Bad Luck Baby

Dulcie Younger & The Silencers are:
Dulcie Younger - Vocals
Deke Dickerson - Guitar
Zack Shedd - Bass & Hand-Clapping
Sid matthews - Drums & Finger-Snapping

Contact information:
Management: +1 (818) 430-5171  

Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005