Dressed In Black, The Foggy Mountain Rockers
Part Records, PART-CD 627.004

Basic Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll, influenced by the British greats such as The Flying Saucers and Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers. The Foggy Mountain Rockers have been around for quite some time, and each and every bandmember (six in all) are great musicians with a long time experience, and that you can hear on this excellent CD release "Dressed In Black". 18 tracks, almost an hour's worth of boppin' rockabilly and poundin' rock 'n' roll. 14 songs are self-penned originals, and that alone is worth a recommendation. Good lyrics too, both Teddy Boy songs (Teddyboy Bop, Teddyboy Rocker) and stories from the far west, like the awesome "Johnny's Legend". The rocking version of Gershwin's all time classic "Summertime" is a treat for your ears, and if you like this album as much as I do, also check out their 1999 King Ed CD release "Angel Heart". Records, memorabilia and the Teddy Boy Weekender video are available from the Foggy Mountain Rockers' website.  Don't forget to read Kai Steffens' biography.

Teddyboy Bop / Change Of Habit / Lonely Island / Diamonds And Jewels / Crazy Love / Johnny's Legend / Summertime / Dressed in Black / (Hey) Mr. Jailer / Bad Desire / Game of Love / Wild Teenagers / The Stranger / Early Morning Rain / Teddyboy Rocker / A Piece of Heaven / Don't Hang Around Me Anymore / Try to Be the Only One

The Foggy Mountain Rockers are:
Heiko Piecha, Lead Vocals
Frank "Jummi" Jungluth, Bass
Mario Oehlmann, Guitar
Sven Schürmann, Drums
Ingo Goerges, Guitar
Domenico "Duck" Todaro, Percussion
Uwe Placke, Harmonica (guest musician)


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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001