Do Right Daddy, Gene Summers
Enviken ENREC 122

We entered the studio on Monday August 5, 2002, around noon, all of us a bit nervous I guess, as we were about to record with "Mr. School Of Rock 'n Roll" himself. An idol and source of inspiration since long ago, his classic '50s recordings are true landmarks in rock 'n' roll history. Gene himself seemed to be as calm and relaxed as anyone could be. We didn't really know what to start with when Gene said he would like to try a song he had on an old 78 rpm at home, a hillbilly track called "Hot Rod Baby". None of us had ever heard the song before, so Gene picked up a guitar and started singing. We went over it a couple of times and then cut it. When we listened to it I realized what a fantastic voice Gene still has. I was blown away 'cause he didn't sound a day older than 30! - Patrik Staffansson, Enviken records -

Well Patrik, I must say, you're right! About 65 years of age, Gene Summers sings and rocks like he did 45 years ago, when he recorded the immortal "School Of Rock 'n' Roll". He's doesn't sound quite as wild anymore, but what would you expect, and the overall sound is bit more countryfied, which could well be the influence of the superb backup band. It took Enviken over a year to get this session released, but it was sure worth waiting for!

As a little bonus you'll find four tracks by Gene that are scheduled for release by the U.S. label. Seduction Records in the near future. One of them, "Crazy Cat Comer", is an original band track recorded in 1958, during the "Nervous" session, to Which Gene added vocals in 1998. These four bonus tracks were recorded in 1998 at Yorktown Digital Works and produced by Phil York.

Backup band for the Enviken session:
Ulf Back, Jonas Olpers, Patrik Staffansson, Riley McOwen, Lars Södervall, Ulf Torstensson, Henrik Eriksson.

Be-Bop City / Hot Rod Baby / I'm Flyin' In / Boogie Rock / Shake It Around / Little Lu Ann / Do Right Daddy / Long Story Song / Look At Me / Baby Please Tell Me Why / The Rebel - Johnny Yuma / She Bops Alot / (It's Love Baby) 24 Hours A Day / So

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004