The Route of Time, The Di Maggio Connection
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The new Marco Di Maggio CD is out! The Di Maggio Connection, The Route of Time. The "Connection" is one of Marco's projects, along side his on going rockabilly band The Di Maggio Bros. The Connection's music is mainly based on punkish rockabilly surf. Much of this music reminds me of some of Eddie Angels projects, and since I've always been an Eddie Angel fan it won't surprise you that I like this new Di Maggio album as well, although I must mention that this kind of music is a long way from 50's rockabilly and many purists will definitly not like it.

Having said that, let's get on with the review. I think this new album is even a bit louder and more punky that the previous Connection album "The Wildest Game" from 2005, some songs exempt. The opening title track will hit you like a rock if you didn't know what was coming and the following song "Killing Rock" even adds a bit more speed. Fabulous guitar work, as you would expect from Marco, and high speed rock 'n' roll.

I'm not gonna mention each and every song, but some stick out and need a few words. Like "Drink It Up", with great jungle type drums and scorching guitars. And "Road to Nowhere", which will scare the heck out of you, because it starts as a quiet acoustic song, until Marco hits his electric strings! Buddy Holly's "Every Day" got a complete make-over and it's probably the one song that comes closest to original rockabilly. The band re-recorded "The Wildest Game" from their previous album, and yes, it's still wild LOL.

Is it all hot & loud? Nope... "Wipe Out (My Solitude)" is the only ballad on the album, and although I like the song, it seems a bit out of place in between all the surfrock. And the closing instrumental "A Night In Shanghai" is a selfpenned Marco Di maggio song, but it sounds as if it's a surf classic. It may well become one, nice work Marco!

Overall, great music, great musicians, but a bit too loud and too fast for my taste, as many of you constant readers will agree.

The Route Of Time / Killing Rock / Don't Worry Baby / The Toll / Drink It Up / Road To Nowhere / Every Day / Roswell '47 / Abduction Blues / Worn Out Life / Dance Around My Heart / The Wildest Game / Wipe Out (My Solitude) / A Night In Shanghai

The Di Maggio Connection are:
Marco Di Maggio - Vocals, Guitar
Matteo Gianetti - Bass, Double Bass
Marco - Barsanti - Drums

Guest musicians:
Tony Gambino - Drums
Joe Busalla - Bass


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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2010