Dig that Nylon, Runnin' Wild
Part Records PARTCD 654.001

Well, here's another one I like very much, Part Records sure knows how to pick 'em! This silver platter is gonna make it to the glove compartment of my car, and that means it's gonna accompany me on those long dull car trips. Really, this Runnin' Wild album is great music for the road, but also good material for DJ's looking for new stuff to play at festivals. Try for example "Dig that Nylon", a great song of praise to one of the greatest inventions ever: women's nylons. Well, Unc happens to be a lover of some well filled nylon as well, so this song can't go wrong. It also came to my attention that these guys promote the "healthy way of life" in at least two more songs: "Burger Bop" and a real cool version of Johnny Cash' "Beans for Breakfast". I second this, never drink without having a decent meal first kids! A good part of the songs (4 out of 11) are selfpenned by Patrick Ouchene and Koen Verbeek and those 4 songs fit in well with the 7 covers the band has chosen to record. There's a lot of variety on this CD, different styles are represented, and stil this is a well balanced album and a fine asset for your collection. By the way, my compliments to the guy who had the idea to put the slow ballad at the end. Notorious ballad-haters can let it play for 10 entire songs before turning it off.

Flyer info:
For more than ten years Runnin' Wild is one of the leading bands in the Belgian rockabilly scene. Started out as a side project from Domino members Patrick Ouchene, Big Ben and Kasper Devos, the band soon grew out to be a great rockabilly band in its own right, releasing their debut album "Something Gotta Give" less than a year after their foundation. With five full albums on some of the major rockabilly labels (Rockhouse, El Torro, Part, ...) a few singles and different inclusions on several compilations, Runnin' Wild has proven they are here to stay. Even more, they're here to stay wild! The band nowadays consists of Patrick Ouchene (ex Domino's) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Koen verbeek (ex Sin Alley, ex Los Fabulous Frankies) on drums and vocals, Big Ben (ex Domino's) on double bass and Mario Mattucci (The Be-Bops) on lead and steel guitar. But the thing they're probably best known for is the strange banjo-like instrument they use to create their unique boppin' sound. Together with an interesting mix of their favorite things (Johnny Burnette, Buddy Holly, Gypsy music, Fast Food, 50's, R&B, Hillbilly and loads of booze) Runnin' Wild creates a sound that can't be anything but their own. A sound that's Rock'n'Roll, a sound that's wild, a sound that's Runnin' Wild.

Love Me / Everything's Allright / Burger Bop / I Got Another Love / Gypsy Magic / Bad Day / I want You Too / Dig That Nylon / Beans for Breakfast / Trouble Bound / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Runnin' Wild are:
Patrick Ouchene - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Baritone Guitar
Koen Verbeek - Drums, Scratchocaster, Percussion, Lead Vocals
Matt Barney - Lead Guitar
Big Ben A´ssa - Double Bass

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69190 Walldorf
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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004