The Devil's Music, The StarDevils 
Kat-Tone Records NO. 002

The StarDevils ignite their fire-driven rockabilly and hillbilly bop with a traditional sound and a dangerous talent for blowing away your billy-bop blues. These four Kentucky Kats have a fever for the bone breaking billy thats sure to set your feet a-tappin and your tongues a-waggin'! Taking their cues from the pioneers of those rock boppin' beats, they have an uncanny ability to play and perform the sounds of yesterday with their own style.

Used to packing the joints in their hometown, the StarDevils marveled crowds at the 2004 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, the 2002 and 2003 Indy Rockabilly Rebel Weekender and the 2nd annual Detroit Motor City Spin-Out, in their three fiery years as bouncin' bop kings. They also played with rockabilly legends such as Rusty York and Orange Ray Hubbard. In 2002 they received a CAMMY award (The Cincinnati Enquirer's Cincinnati Area Music Awards) winners of best country/rockabilly band.

I reviewed an album by The StarDevils before, and I remember I was pretty impressed by the vintage "glorious mono sound" of these cats. Well, let me tell you, they did it again. I'm playing this record for the 3rd time now, and it just keeps getting better. Real cool sound, recorded live at The Rockabilly Ranch. Terrific thumping slapping bass, rockabilly style with a little bit of country lap steel mixed in. A shrieking lead guitar, hard hitting drums, and enormous enthusiasm. Try "Kat Daddy" on for size and you'll know what I mean. Superb album that'll make the hairs in your neck stand up.

From the inlay: Rock and Roll has got to go! The devil's Music is a breeding ground Juvenile Delinquency. The Lord will guide us through these troubled times.

There's a nice picture of a 70s recordplayer on the front cover. Of course I have some old recordplayers myself, but they are a bit older. Sadly this new album by The StarDevils wouldn't play on it. That's a joke folks, enjoy this excellent music!

Red Hot Ridinghood / Dickity Doo / Kat Daddy / Rollin' / Buckboard Boogie / Off My Rocker / Pacific Moon / Leaving Chicago / Rockabilly Silly / Flippin' Flo / Bobbie Jean / Crazy Lovin' (Bonus Track)

The StarDevils are:
Lance Kaufman - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
David Rhodes Brown - Lead Guitar, Lap Steel
Greg Schramm - Drums
Steve Buckel - Upright Bass

Information & bookings:
The StarDevils
4266 Fergus St.
Cincinatti, OH. 45223

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005
Additional information by The StarDevils