Del Rio Dan, Phil Trigwell
Enviken, EnRec CD 107 / LP 3302

Phil Trigwell played in his first band in 1958, a skiffle band in London, UK. Love brought him to Sweden around '71 and during the 80's & 90's he played in several rockabilly bands, where the best known is "Phil Trigwell & The Deputies". Today he is a wellknown and respected musician troughout Europe. On this album Phil has recorded some of his own favourites that have given him inspiration over the years. When listening to these recordings one cannot believe that it's all recorded in his own appartment in Stockholm (Sweden) on a porta studio. He plays all instruments and sings all vocals by himself. With a totally proffesional result. You'll be surprised, when listening to this album, how well Phil performs all these different styles from legends such as Buddy Holly (Phil's favourite), Tennessee Ernie Ford, Billy Fury and Eddie Cochran.

When asked in an interview how he managed to record all that by hiself in his own apartment, Phil answered: It wasn't easy! My nextdoor neighbour once asked me "I keep hearing those strange noises coming from your room, like 'Ah-Ah', 'Doo-Wah' and 'Heb-Heb ??" Well, I gave some excuse as I couldn't really explain how hard it is doing background vocals on your own home recordings. He still looks at me strange to this day.

The album starts with a wonderfull and authentic recording of Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" that sounds as if Buddy hiself was visiting Phil's livingroom at that time. What a great voice. "May You Always", a song I remember of the McGuire Sisters, is pure gold and the same goes for Billy Fury's "Like I've Never Been Gone".

Yes, I know, not much rockabilly so far, but oh what a sound! You old rockabilly cats won't be forgotten either, because next is Eddie Cochran's "Nervous Breakdown". The traditional "Days of 49" about the California goldrush (this was in 1849, of course) is a classic country song, and it's hard to believe that both the lead and background vocals are done by Phil himself, the man can work miracles with his voice. He can also do both Phil and Don Everly on "Problems" and Sam Cooke's love song "Win Your Love For Me" is not a problem for Phil Trigwell though.

Next we are treated with another visit of the late great Buddy Holly on "Dearest" followed by Sarah Vaughn's "Broken Hearted Melody". Especially beautiful is the cover of The Kalin Twins' "Three O'clock Thrill". Another country classic is presented, Tennessee Ernie Ford's "River Of No Return". Next is an early fifties lovesong titled "Three Coins In A Fountain", first done by Marti Stevens I believe. Gene McDaniels' "A Hundered Pounds Of Clay" just adds more to the great variety of this album. Then Frank Sinatra's "One Upon A Time" (or was it Dean Martin who recorded it first?) and yet another Buddy Holly classic "Love Is Strange". Saved for last, but to my humble opinion not necessarily the best song on this album, is the title song: the Everly Brothers' "Del Rio Dan".

It's indeed hard to believe that all instruments and vocals on this album were done by Phil Trigwell, except Ian Jupe on bass and background vocals on "Love Is Strange". It's not rockabilly, but it reminisces the classic pop sound of the fities from start to end and that alone makes this album a must for every record collector.

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001