Blue Black Hair, The Del Moroccos 
Hi-Style records HSD 82697

Press release:
The Del Moroccos are a powerful new 8 piece rock 'n' roll band (guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxes, and 3 sexy frontwomen) who put out an awesome full-length show of dirty R'N'R, R&B material with girl group vocals. Knock the Ray-ettes and Link Wray together, with a blast of garage, a hit of late '50s black rock 'n' roll, dress 'em up like Johnny Cash, and you get a raucous, mean mix of '50s garage. The members are veteran Chicago musicians from the rockabilly, surf, ska, jazz and R & B scenes, from bands including: Mighty Blue Kings, Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms, Deals Gone Bad, Cave Catt Sammy, The Stranger, Kevin O'Donnell's Quality 6, Reluctant Aquanauts and The Stacks. The Del Moroccos lead guitar player Jimmy Sutton, hand picked the line up for this relentless new sound. The Del Moroccos set list features choice selections of obscure, rockin' early independent record label songs and wild originals, capturing a sound that teeters somewhere between the 50's and 60's, and is performed with the emotion of early punk and mod revival. New on the scene, the Del Moroccos have shared the stage with SUN rocording artist Hayden Thompson, and the Queen of rockabilly, the legendary Wanda Jackson.

Chosen "Best Young Band" at Green Bay 2007, I knew I had to check out the debut album of this highly acclaimed new band from Chicago. Not having seen them live on stage (which is a real treat I've been told) I have a fresh mind while writing this review listening to this album for the first time.

Just 10 seconds into the first song "Baby Doll", the hairs in my neck are all raised and I got goosebumps on my arms. You are all familiar with Colin Price Jones' famous words, which you always hear when you enter my website, "this has got to be what rock 'n' roll is all about!". And yes, this is it, the true soul of rock & roll sparkles into my livingroom and I can't help turning up the volume immediatly, what a song! The combination of the driving rhythm, scorching saxophone and the high pitched female vocals will knock you off your feet.

Can the band keep this up? You bet they can, "He Knocks Me Out" sounds like it came straight from the 60's, beautiful harmony vocals and lots of energy and it's followed by "That's A Pretty Good Love", a fabulous cover of one of my Big Maybelle favorites. "I Don't Know" slows down the pace and this ballad will touch you right where it hurts the most. Gabrielle Sutton has a very unique voice, and what a voice it is!

Straight back into rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues with "Don't Break My Heart" and "Daddy You Lied To Me". The rock just won't stop, I want some more! The rolling drum of the title song "Blue Black Hair", a song best known from The Jades in the mid 60's, has just about the same impact as Baby Doll.

Next is a song that I have loved all my life. I first heard it sung by Christine Perfect (Chicken Shack) in the early 70's, but I got to love Etta James' original as well. The Del Moroccos bring you an excellent version of a song that should never be forgotten.

Enter "El Tren De La Costa" with a lot of surf influences, it's in Spanish so I don't understand a word, but boy is this a great song! Skinny Minnie is transformed to "Skinny Jimmy" for obvious reasons, and I hadn't heard Ronnie Dawson's "Action Packed" done by a female before, but it's absolutely fabulous too. More raving saxophones on the closer "That's All You Gotta Do". Well, I can tell you what you gotta do folks! Get yourself a copy of this album, you won't regret it!

Baby Doll / He Knocks Me Out / That's A Pretty Good Love / I Don't Know / Don't Break My Heart / Daddy You Lied To Me / I Want Some More / Blue Black Hair / I'd Rather Go Blind / El Tren De La Costa / Skinny Jimmy / Action Packed / That's All You Gotta Do

The Del Moroccos are:
Gabrielle Sutton - Lead Vocals
Sarah Goldstien - Backing Vocals, Shakes
Adrienne Stoner - Backing Vocals, Shakes
Jimmy Sutton - Electrified Guitar
Beau Sample - Electrified Bass
Alex Hall - Drums
Aaron Hammes - Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Josh Bell - Saxophones

Contact information:
Hi-Style Records
P.O. Box 577370
Chicago, Illinois 60675

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008