Deathrow - The Chronicles of Psychobilly
Cherry Red Books
Title: Deathrow - The Chronicles of Psychobilly
Author: Alan Wilson
Publisher: Cherry Red Books
Release date: 24th November 2005

What is Deathrow?
Deathrow magazine was initially born from a database of names and addresses held by Alan Wilson. This data was gleaned over many years from any fan mail or enquiries that were sent to his band The Sharks. Before long a very basic newsletter was being sent out containing info on releases and tour dates. This list of names became known as the ‘Deathrow Database’ - after the bands’ crowd-pleasing anthem ‘Deathrow’. Wilson then had the idea of producing a fanzine covering the whole scene. He knew most of the other bands, had dealings with most of the labels and was even producing a significant percentage of the recordings by other bands.

The first few issues of Deathrow rolled off the line as a humble, homemade, photocopied affair, but along the way – as these things sometimes do- it gained momentum and as sales rocketed Wilson grasped the nettle, injected some cash and transformed it into a properly printed glossy magazine.

Gaining worldwide recognition and selling in respectable quantities, Deathrow lasted for over 30 quarterly issues until finally production was halted due to Wilson’s lack of spare time. With his busy music production schedule it had become increasingly impossible to meet the magazine’s deadlines, therefore the ‘zine was shelved. Ironically this was just at a time when the scene was starting to show signs of rocketing again - particularly in the USA.

So, if you were there in those heady days of the European Psychobilly boom, then this book should help you re-live those colourful days when your biggest problem was how high to pile your quiff. If however you missed out, then this book is the perfect remedy for being born too late!

"This book gives a tantalizing insight into the underbelly of Rock 'n' Roll...
a dangerous, exciting world where Rockabilly mutated with Punk to form...

Packed with articles on bands such as; The Meteors, The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks, Frenzy, Batmobile, Demented Are Go and many more, all harvested from the highly collectable cult music fanzine 'Deathrow'.

A valuable reference of events, bands, and stories for those too young to have experienced the European Psychobilly scene in it's heyday and a nostalgic reminder for those who were a part of it... and survived!"

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Information by Alan Wilson, 2005
Used with permission