Crazy Rhythm Rock, Daryl Haywood Combo
Hubcap Records

The Daryl Haywood Combo hails from Finland and they formed in 2003. Since the band's website is not quite finished yet, the bio-button comes up with "coming soon", I don't have much background about the members, but I did receive their debut mini-CD, which is pretty darn good to say the least. Only six tracks, that's probably why they call it a mini album, but 5 of the tracks are selfpenned originals, and all pretty good songs too. The style is based on the authentic fifties rockabilly sound, and is heavily influenced by Sonny Fisher, of whom they also play a cover song titled "I Can't Lose". The recordings are far from hi-fi, the primitive recording method used on the session (live 2-track) have succesfully captured the raw energy and talent of the band.

Tero Lehtonen is both the singer and songwriter of the band. The opener "Crazy Rhythm Rock" is a slow tempo 50s style rockabilly song, with greasy slapping bass, swell lead guitar, just a little bit distorted, and great singing and screaming by Tero. "Rock Me Pretty Mama" picks up a little more speed, and Jake is getting real gone on the bass fiddle. Another great boogie bopper is "Red Barn Boogie", followed by the afore mentioned Sonny Fisher track.

"Devil Baby Doll" is also Daryl Haywood Combo original, and although the distortion might just be a little bit overdone on this track, the sound is very authentic if you dig these old obscure fifties rockabilly vinyls. Last track "Rose Red Lips" is another uptempo bopper with a driving slapping bass and great 6-string picking. Keep in mind that this is a self-produced debut release, but these guys did a great job, a very enjoyable and danceable album. I bet we're gonna hear more from this combo in the future. Check out some great MP3s and videos available from the band's website.

The Daryl Haywood Combo are:
Tero Lehtonen - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jake Lähdeniemi - Bull Fiddle
Kari Kunnas - Lead Guitar
Harri Tuominen - Drums

Information & booking:
Kari Kunnas
Vuorite 7 A 5
04400 Järvenpää
Phone +35 840 717 8717 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004