Darrin Stout & The Starlighters, Selftitled
Darrin Stout Publishing, SR-001

Darrin Stout is an obvious devotee of a number of different 50s roots music styles. From country twang to rockabilly, from R&B to rock 'n' roll and crooning ballads. From the original Sun artists in 50s to Dave Alvin in the 80s. Darrin's new selftitled CD incorporates all of these elements. A technically perfect sound on a professional production, Darren mixes the original 50s style with modern influences and has developed a sound of his own and captured it on this new 12 song CD, full of original backbeat rock 'n' roll, as well as haunting, echo filled ballads and a warm vibrato. Check out a few MP3 downloads on their website.

Raised in West Texas, he has spent his life accumulating the musical influences that make up his style. Darrin fuses traditional roots music with a current sound, and maintains a deep appreciation for the authentic styles of country & western, rockabilly, and rhythm & blues. Based in L.A. this rockin' trio is backed by Philippe Aubuchon, of "Russell Scott & His Red Hots" (Drums), and Wally Hersom, formerly of "Big Sandy & The Flyrite Boys" (Upright Bass).

Darrin also has a single titled, "I Can't Bear These Lonely Nights" on the Bear Family Records, "25th Anniversary - Bear Essentials" Compilation CD. Other former bands Darrin has been in are, Ray Campi's, Levi Dexter's , Rockin' Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns and The Kingsize Rockers. On the road recently in the South, he shared billings with Dave Alvin, Ronnie Dawson, Rosie Flores, The Planet Rockers and Paul Burlison to name a few. Sharp clothes, tube-amps, and vintage guitars are the line-up at any of his shows but ultimately, it's his music and rhythm that sets him apart.

The new Darrin Stout & The Starlighters CD is available online from their website or from Hepcat Records.

Wasting Your Time / Rollin' Down The Highway / Aching In My Heart / In My Arms / Only Lonely / I Need To Know / Angel To Me / Alone Eternally / Everywhere With Me / Come Back To Me / I'd Climb The Highest Mountain / Way With Your Walkin'

Bookings & Management:
P.O. Box 3493
Burbank, CA.
91508 U.S.A.
Bookings: (303) 904-0051
Management: (818) 563-4717

Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~kyskim
E-mail: darrinstout@earthlink.net

The Fuel Club, San Jose, CA.  May 25, 2001 - Left to right:
Darrin Stout - Ray Campi - Ph. Aubuchon - Kevin Fennell
Photograph courtesy of Kevin Fennell