Street Altered, Cyclones
Heptown Records, 2005

In the autumn of 2002 Cyclones were founded by three guys that have known each other for some years, as they were all involved in the same music scene. The founders Paul Epäilys, from the Moondogs, Go-Getters and Dominators, Marcus Olsson from the western swing orchestra The Toneflyers, and finally Joakim Erixon from the neo-rockabilly group Blackout set time to get some new ideas together and the rockin' trio Cyclones was formed.

They were convinced that various styles of American music such as swing of the forties, rockabilly and r&b of the fifties and surf and garage of the sixties have a lot in common. It's all rockin' music! Because of this they draw influences from past masters as Magic Sam, Eddie Cochran, Link Wray and the Sonics. But no note by note covers are allowed. Originality rules, and a bunch of originals are mixed into the blend.

Cyclones have toured Scandinavia and parts of Europe and have received great reviews. The band has very strong connections to the HepTown scene and now got their long awaited debut release "Street Altered" out on the label HepTown Records. A result both the band and the label are proud of - it really rocks!

If you think about it for a minute, the album title already tells you a lot about the music on this CD. "Street Altered", original American roots music, altered by streetwise "juvenile delinquents" along the way. If you like your rockin' music (rock 'n' roll, surf, garage) "shaken, not stirred", then "Green Eye Blonde" will get to you immediatly. The sound of the album is loud, deep down low, and perfect. A very good production with a variety of music, all played Cyclones style. Lots of self-penned new stuff, some great covers like Buddy Johnson's "Shorty's Got To Go" and Link Wray's "Branded". Mind you, however, this is NOT authentic rockabilly...

Cyclones are:
Paul Epäilys - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Marcus Olsson - Double Bass
Joakim Erixon - Drums

Green Eyed Blonde / Blow Me Down / A Ship Came Sailin' / I Don't Care / Shorty's Got To Go / Branded / I Had A Dream / Where You At / Change Your Mind / Ain't Got No Money / Fire Of Love / Rattlesnakin' Daddy

Contact information:
Heptown Records
Sankt Larsväg 21
SE-222 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46-211 14 49

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005