Curtis Cowan & Flyer - Full of Surprises (CD)
Much has changed for me in the last few years. This is my new CD "Full of Surprises". It was released in 2009 and is availabIe thru iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon. I wrote all 13 songs and I'm doing the lead vocal on all of them. It was produced by Frank Ludwig, who is most known as the keyboard player for Canadian super group "Trooper". We have also recorded a 2nd CD called "Barking in the Dark" which should be released soon.

Snowing Me Under - Curtis Cowan (2005)
Produced by Chip Young

This album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, at Masterlink Studios. It was produced by Chip Young, who has worked with many of country's superstars, such as Tanya Tucker, The Statler Brothers, Willie Nelson, and many others. The studio musicians were Chip Young on guitar, Kenneth Buttrey on Drums, Norbert Putnam on Bass, and David Briggs on keyboards. And were known for sessions and touring with tons of recording acts, David was also a producer for Neil Young. These musicians plus the background vocalists were absolutely amazing, and it was a pleasure doing the album with them.

Curtis Cowan in his own words:
I was born into a musical family, my grandparents, Ray and Betty Gauthier were in the Music industry for close to fifty years. Their band was the opening act for such names as George Jones and Johnny Cash and many others. Grandpa played fiddle, guitar, mandolin and a little bit of banjo, while my grandma sang and played guitar. My step father, Gordon Cowan, was a professional piano player in the Vancouver rock 'n' roll scene, with a band called "The Originals". He was also a regular on a TV show called "Circle Seven Ranch" in the 60's. My aunt Bernice McGraw was a singer in the church choir. Also my cousin Billy McConnell, is a rockabilly artist and songwriter who has done very well in the Nashville scene, and the most famous relative is my cousin, Terri Clark, the super famous Canadian Country singer. It's no wonder that I'm involved in music.

I started singing and playing the guitar at the age of ten, later I learned the piano as well. By fifteen, I was in my step dad's band doing gigs as a special guest, and playing in other bands as well all thru high school. After graduation, I was with a band for the summer travelling thru BC. Then I took a few years off and went to college, but the itch to perform hit again and I joined a travelling road show which played all over Canada for 18 months, from there I fronted the Noteables showband from time to time, finally joining a surf band called The Bowery Boys.Next I was with Frank McCormack and the Country Macs. We were the house band for the Arlington Cabaret in Vancouver for nearly two years. This all led to recording an album in Nashville,TN. Then I did two live dinner theatre productions, and finally the Curtis Cowan & The Rockers Band. I've had airplay in 17 countries in Europe, most recently in Holland and Belgium thru KGAT Radio, out of Arizona on the Roy Cost show. Also, I have airplay in the USA thru WCUW FM on the Paul Lauzon show. The future is looking brighter.

Curtus Cowan with his sister and his 1978 Camaro (2002)

About the CD:
I think this 6 track mini-CD by Curtis Cowan is more of a promotional album than it is a commercial release. It's great of course, to have someone like Chip Young produce your very first album. Chip Young was the sound engineer on Elvis Presley's album "Guitar Man", and he also co-wrote Billy Swan millionseller "I Can Help".

For the hardcore rockabilly fans, I must say that Cowan's music is much more modern country style than rockabilly. There are two rockabilly songs on this album, but like the country tracks, they are recorded in a very modern manner using electronic keybords. This makes that this CD is not very interesting for rockabilly collectors and other greasers, but it might appeal to Elvis Presley fans, because Curtis does have a very beautiful voice.

The title song "Snowing Me Under" was written by Steve Runkle for Elvis in 1976, unfortunatly Elvis passed away before he could record it. Chip Young was granted permission by RCA/BMG to record the song with Curtis Cowan.

On January 21st 2005 Curtis got the shock of his life. He got a call from his grandfather Ray Gauthier and learned that Canadian Country Superstar Terri Clark is his cousin. It seems Curtis' whole family is very musical and the fun is just about to begin...

The musicians:
Curtus Cowan - Vocals
Chip Young - Guitar
Kenneth Buttrey - Drums
Norbert Putnam - Bass
David Briggs - Keyboards

Church Of The Blues / Texas Twister / Don't Let Me Walk Out On You / You Don't Realize / A Quiet Man / Snowing Me Under

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005
Additional information by Curtis Cowan