So Many Days, Curly Phillips & The Nightriders
Enviken ENREC 121

Emerging from the now defunct bands "The Wild Spirits" & "The Swingin Doors" in 1998 they have steadily built up a following on the Swedish scene and are today a band that has a tight schedule. Their repertoire contains 50s classics as well as more obscure covers and of course their own original material.

Hans & Daniel have worked togheter since their teens, when they started "The Wild Spirits", Hans also played second guitar in "The Tupelo Wildcats" for awhile. Kari & Mikael started in "The Rebel Rousers" who later became "The Swingin Doors". Mikael had a venture with "The Green Onions" but can now also be seen playing guitar in the surf/instrumental band "The Satellites".

So now we write 2004, and here's the bands debut album on Enviken Records, known for their excellent rockabilly releases, and this another one. The CD brings a near to original 50s sound, with plenty of original songs and a good selection of covers. Additional musicians Johan Stenmark (sax), Henrik Eriksson (piano), Jonas Olpers (steelguitar) add to the total quality of the record. Sadly I must say that I miss a bit of spark and enthusiasm. The songs are all clean cut and superbly played by the book, maybe a bit too much so. I would have enjoyed a bit more excitement.

So Many Days / I Need Your Lovin' / Please Tell Me Her Name / Baby's Gone / Don't Come Back / Playmate / I'm Glad We're Through / Love is My Business / How Can You Be So Mean / Wait a Little Baby / Where She's at Tonight / Wild Streak / Let the Strings Ring / The Golden Stairway / They Won't Let Me In / Julia

Curly Phillips & The Nightriders are:
Hans Adeström - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
Karl Backlund - Lead Guitar
Mikael Torstensson - Bass
Daniel Snögren - Drums

Booking and info:
Phone (1): +46 (0)246 23753
Phone (2): +46 (0)70 6761317 

Enviken Records
Box 8
790 26 Enviken, Sweden

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004