Sixpack - Cruisin'
Part Records - PART CD 659.001

Well, this could get boring but... here's another release from Part Records that blew me totally off my socks!

Cruisin', a German neo-rockabilly trio has released a sixpack, and boy, this one's gonna make you thirsty, that's for sure. There's only six songs on this CD and that's not a lot of course, but the fact that every song is a jewel makes up for the lack of more songs. Plus the knowledge that these guys are releasing a full blown new CD very soon. (I'm really anxcious to hear that one!)

The style of this neo band is very refreshing, they borrow styles, melody tricks and routines from different rockgenres and fuse it tight into their own music style. Hence the term NEO of course, but these guys really did it superbly. All six songs are razor sharp with perfectly timed breaks, and this makes that you're not bothered by the long playtime of the songs, (between 3 and 4 minutes) because it is functional and not boring for one second. Well, I definatly wouldn't want to miss this Sixpack in my collection!

Aziz YŁncŁoglu is a talented singer, a routined guitarslinger and a gifted songwriter. Such a guy needs good musicians, and that's just what Alf Ristow and Holger Grothe are. Alf makes it worthwhile to focus on the bass lines and enjoy listening to this guy's bass melodies (he also co-wrote two songs from this CD wich contains only originals).

Holger Grothe is great drummer who also uses different music styles and great fills and it's his drumming that shapes the sound of Cruisin' for an important part. As a drummer he's not afraid to mix conventional hillbilly rhythm with a pounding rockfill in one and the same song. Holger also designed the beautiful CD covers for this mini album. Keep a close watch at these three guys: three excellent, experienced musicians, with a bright future glooming on European bandstands and way beyond.

Flyer info:
A raw guitar sound, a slapping Double Bass, beating drum and unique Vocals are the speciality of this three piece Neo-Rockabilly band named Cruisin'. Since the year 1982 the combo is playing together, with its very special and own sound - a mix of fast Rock'n'Roll and modern styles. Their excellent live qualities have brought them to many stages all over Europe with the result of a growing popularity and a huge fan following.

Till the beginnings of of the '90s the band played many gigs in Germany and all over Europe, releasing various records and CDs becoming one of the most popular bands on our continent in the sector of "Neo-Rockabilly". Unfortunaltly, the band split up in 1992 (regarding professional reasons) before getting reformed ten years later in the year of 2002. The new live-program includes a bunch of originals as well as well known classics of the rock 'n' roll history: a program that sure will drive you crazy...

Way to Hell / Game Over / I'm a Man / In Love / I Recognized /
Wall of Fear

Cruisin' are:
Aziz YŁncŁoglu - Vocals, Guitar
Alf Ristow - Double Bass
Holger Grothe - Drums

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004