Outta Space, The Crazy Cubes
EPH Music CC03

The Crazy Cubes is an Austrian band, active in the rockabilly and Teddyboy scene since the early 90's. First they went by the name of Roly-Poly & The Raspberries but changed their name to Crazy Cubes in 1994. In '96 the first CD was recorded "My Rockabilly Home" and in 1999 the next one hit the market: "Bossa Nova". Meanwhile, songs appeared on numerous CD compilations and the one I have here is a 2002 Crazy Cubes release: "Outta Space".

First track, a Crazy Cube original, "White Baby" takes off real strong with jungle rolls, mean guitars and thumping bass, great songlyrics and music. "Dance to the Bop", a Gene Vincent cover, shifts gear to a higher pace, again an energetic song with a nice rough edge. Then we're in a for nice surprise, a German sung track: "Flasche Vodka" (Bottle of Wodka). It reminds a little bit to the better Neue Welle hits back in the early eighties. Written by Cubes guitarslinger Knapp, who writes and composes together with the rest of the band a major part of the songs on this CD. Next is the catchy "Pink Thunderbird", another Gene Vincent cover. Slightly pumped up it sounds like an original Crazy Cubes song. "Nachbar" is also a song in the German language. If you understand German you will certainly love the funny lyrics!

A special mention deserves "Blut Auf Deinen Lippen". It's a song about a sado-masochist, beating up his loved one. It takes courage to write a song about this subject, violence and women abusers. Every effort, how small it may seem, maybe helps to bring problem to the surface and give women who are victimized the courage to report the sick abuse to the local authorities. Of course the song is totally fictional and is in no way reality for any of the bandmembers. The band even has a disclaimer on the CD sleeve to point this out. Great job guys! Also a rendition of one of my alltime favs is on this CD: "Washmachine Boogie" from the Echo Valley Boys. The Crazy Cubes rearranged it a little bit and added a lot of Cubes in this washing machine. Love it!

White Baby / Dance To The Bop / Flasche Vodka / Outta Space Pink Thunderbird / Der Nachbar / Pretty Baby / Right Or Wrong / Tallahassie Lassie / Blut Auf Deinen Lippen / Washmachine Boogie / Bonus Dreck (Banana Song)

The Crazy Cubes are:
Roman "Romschy" Knapp - Guitars
Michael "Michi Beck"Eggner - Drums
Walter J. "Buzzy" Friedinger - Vocals, Piano
Kurt "Knut" Stimmeder - Upright Bass

Contact information:
Phone: +43 (0) 650 340 49 33

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006