We Are Still Juvenile Delinquents, Cosh Boys
Beat Garage Records CBCD-009

Cosh Boys is a rockin' quartet formed in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland. The boys play wild Rock 'n' Roll music, based on the classic British style, and they do it great for some years now. The name "Cosh Boys" comes from a 1952 movie, named... Well I think you can guess it. The Cosh Boys have made a demo record in the past, "Be-Bop-A-Demo" and a real one "Bring Rockabilly Back" which was reviewed by The BlackCat back in 2006. As these guys proclaim, they are still juvenile delinquents, that's why they made it to the idols of the international Teddy Boy movement.

The Cosh Boys are interested in and have songs about Motorcycle Gangs, Blue Jeans, Rats, Vince Taylor, Jack Daniels, hard travelling, Space Agent, First Real Rock 'n' Roll Comic Book Star and even a song about the Cosh Boys too! As they say themselfes: there is a little bit of everything and anything from all four corners of the Rock 'n' Roll boxing ring to please all demanding listeners. And that isn't too much said. The way the Cosh Boys playes their Rock 'n' Roll beat is timeless, and I am sure that you won't sit still, or even swinging your feet when you hear this cool sounding disk! These Teddy Boy Rockers idolise Vince Taylor and Gene Vincent, which you can hear in some of the lyrics and music. They arranged all songs themselfs. As I said before, the Cosh Boys are inspired by the British Rock 'n' Roll sound, this is an album with lots of original songs and a handful of covers played in that classic Teddy Boy style. One for the Teddy Boy Rockers!

So, let's listen to it then!
This album starts with a welcome from the Cosh Boys. It almost goes seamless over into an instrumental with the title "Cosh Boys" which is penned by Timo Kurunsaari, a.k.a. Gray Curtis, who also did the very great sounding Rhythm and Lead guitar. Next is "Juvenile Delinquent", a nice rocker about a young man who does things which he isn't suppose to do, but yeah, the title says it all... For the Cats and Kittens who know Gene Vincent, "Be Bop A Lula Is 50 Years Old" is full of songtitles from the man's great songs, nicely formed together to a great Cosh Boys song. In "I Wanna Go Home" Cosh Boy Gray Curtis, who wrote this song, wants to see his gal, well who doesn't? Do you remember Del Shannon? He had a song called "Runaway", and that's next, and I think it is my favourite on this disk! Well done in the Cosh Boys style!! "Cosh Boy Alley" is song about the difference in styles that the Cosh Boys play, this one is played in the early 1960's style. "Poison Ivy" is a nice cover, original penned by Leiber and Stoller. The boys are setting up a trap in "I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat" (Gene Vincent) with very nice guitar playing on this one. "Valerian '64" is a instrumental that's sounds like the Shadows in their days, again some great guitars on this track! As a motorcycle rider myself, I did have some recognitions in this text of "Motorcycle Gang", the motorcycle riders among us will understand what I mean ;-)

That the Cosh Boys can play almost every Rock 'n' Roll style, is very clear on "Special Blue Jeans", this instrumental is again very good. Nice Rock 'n' Roll with "Rock On Vince" where the Boys ask Vince Taylor to Rock On! I agree... The last song of this album reminds me of an advert that I saw once in an old Hot Rod mag that said the same: "Have Love Will Travel". I'm not sure I will travel with this last one...

Intro / Cosh Boy / Juvenile Delinquent / Be Bop A Lula Is 50 Years Old / I Wanna Go Home / Runaway / Cosh Boy Alley / Poison Ivy / I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat / Valerian '64 / Motorcycle Gang / Special Blue Jeans / Rock On Vince / Have Love Will Travel

The Cosh Boys are:
Timo Kurunsaari - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Jari Jousimo - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Timo Kalijärvi - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Pilsu Koponen - Drums, and the cool voice on Cosh Boy

Information & bookings:
Timo Kurunsaari
Hiihtomaentie 16 E 47
00810 Helsinki
Phone: +358 50 541 8263


Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008