Bring Rockabilly Back, Cosh Boys
Independant, 2006

Named after a wild, wayward & hellbent 1952 movie called "Cosh Boy", featuring a gorgeous young Joan Collins, the Cosh Boys hail from Finland and have been on de road for about 3 years now. All members have a long time experience of rockin' lifestyle, wheather it is playin', listenin', dancin', havin' a ball, drinkin' or... Musically their repertoire covers various corners of a roomful of rock 'n' roll, like they say: "a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and a truckload of attitude".

A song by the Cosh Boys titled "Good Lookin' Gal" appeared last year on a 4 track EP called "Bollocks To Europe! Vol. 3" with Periferia, Rebels Revenge and Wild Bob Burgos. Now the boys have self-produced a 6-track mini CD with 4 self-penned originals and 2 covers. 3 of the original tracks are credited to Gray Curtis, which is an alias for singer Timo Kurunsaari a.k.a. Timppa, track 4 was written by bass player Hannu "Hande" Pussinen.

The title song "Bring Back... Rockabilly Back" is a basic Ted rocker, in the style of Crazy Cavan, Teencats or Slippers. A great song for the Teddy Boys. The Cosh Boys play many different styles of rock 'n' roll, and the instrumental "Valerian" sounds a bit like an old Shadows tune with great lead guitar licks.

"A Long Way" has some country influences and is sung by bassist Hande, while "Crest Of The Hill" is a very sad story about a guy burrying his loved one. The 2 cover songs are a great rendition of Screamin' Lord Sutch's 1964 horror song "Dracula's Daughter", and "Taboo Twist", a guitar instrumental by The Esquires.

This debut mini CD is a very good start of a band we will definitly hear more about in near future. Rock on boys! Also check out our lyrics section for the words of "Bring Back... Rockabilly Back".

Sorry, the girls don't come with the band, but it's sure a great picture!!!

The Cosh Boys are:
Harri "Hara" Eloranta - Lead Guitar
Timo "Timppa" Kurunsaari - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Hannu "Hande" Pussinen - Bass, Vocals
Matti "Pilsu" Koponen - Drums

Information & bookings:
Timo Kurunsaari
Hiihtomaentie 16 E 47
00810 Helsinki
Phone: +358 50 541 8263 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006