Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Cosh Boys
Rebel Music RM 5004 AF

In September the Cosh Boys from Finland released a new CD, called: "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll". This is the third album the Finnish teddy boys have thrown into the world of Rock and Roll. It's available on real vinyl too (RM 7004) but you must hurry, it is limited to 500 copies!

The history of the Cosh Boys goes back to 2003 when a bunch of Teddy Boys came together in Helsinki, formed a motorcycle gang and played some good old Rock and Roll music. The Cosh Boys were born. This new EP is recorded at Mikko Revival Studio and is mixed by Mikko and Timppa. Mastering was done by Kali.

The four new tracks on this album are straight honest Rock and Roll that's played by this Finnish foursome as we remember from the previous CD's. That means it will be loved by the Teddy Boys among us. Great music, full of rhythm and a nice rockin' beat. I have listened to this album several times now and I think that the Cosh Boys added a new sort of sound to their own recognizable sound. What you hear now is a very nice mix of good ol' Rock 'n' Roll with a twist of Surf in it, it sounds like the music from the late fifties to the early sixties, as played by musicians as Jan and Dean, The Shadows and the like. But don't get me wrong, the true Cosh Boys sound is there, and how!

The opener of this album is "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" originally recorded by Mick Satan's Rockin' Devils in the mid seventies. This is pure Rockabilly Rock 'n' Roll in all its glory! As they say: This music satisfies my soul. Well, right on to the next one: "Man With No Name". This is an instrumental which is based on the Spagetti Western classics with Clint Eastwood, everybody has seen his films at least four times, if not, you must listen to this track, close your eyes and you will be on your horse next to Clint himself! Boy, what a guitar play in this song! You can open your eyes now, as we're going to the next song. This is originally created by Ronnie Hawkins and it's called: "One Of These Days". This is a true Rocker with influences from the Surf area, I like it a lot. The last song on this EP is "With You". It has got that driving beat we all know from the boys, the song tells a true love story but with a Boppin' rhythm under it, very nice song indeed!

Long Live Rock 'n' Roll / Man With No Name / One Of These Days / With You

The Cosh Boys are:
Timppa - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tomi - Lead Guitar
Kali - Bass Guitar
Pilsu - Drums

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Information & bookings:
Timo Kurunsaari

Inh. Jan-Hendrik Ziecke
Weserstrasse 40
49681 Garrel, Germany


Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2010