Comin' Home, Matchbox

Let's go back some 20 years. Back to the heydays of British rock 'n' roll revival, which was started succesfully by some great bands like Wild Angels, Crazy Cavan and Flying Saucers in 70s. One band did things a little different. Where other bands stuck to the original 50s sound, Matchbox added some more modern techniques and they scored hits with music that was, at that time, 25 years old. That same music is now 45 years old, and Matchbox is still playing it the way they did then. But can they still do it? You betcha! This is the original Matchbox line-up that scored the hits, not the first line-up (when we had Wild Bob Burgos on drums), but the now famous "Rockabilly Rebel" guys. And they made a new CD, titled "Comin' Home". It sounds just as if it was recorded in the Rockbilly Rebel days.
Yes, they still have it!

Graham Fenton (lead vocals)
Jimmy Redhead (drums)
Fred Poke (bass)
Gordon Scott (rhythm guitar)
Steve Bloomfield (lead guitar)

The CD hits off with a beautiful cover of Johnny Horton's honky tonk song "I'm Coming Home" followed by "Johnny Come Lately", a south rebel song with Steve throwing in some great acoustic pickin'. Then comes Steve Bloomfield's well know "Hurricane", played a little slower than in the old days, but it's still a great song. Ray Campi's "Rockin' At The Ritz", which was also on the "Matchbox" LP, is an all time classic of course. "Put The Blame On Me" and "Setting The Woods On Fire," from the LP with the same title, are also back again on this new platter. Steve Bloomfield's "Sure-Fire Way", also known from the first Blue Cats album, is also back to stay.

Track eleven is something else, it's an eight and a half minute 'medley' recorded live in Vienna, great sound and with a double feature of one of my all time favourites "Old Black Joe" and some more real gone songs to which, I'm sure, everyone can sing along. Paul Barrett said about this CD: "It's classy and classic rock 'n' roll, Matchbox - 'Comin' Home - Man, they've never been away!" And he's right, go for it!

The BlackCat, 2000

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