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Gear Up Daddy, Rhythm Bomb RBR 5608
Gear Up Daddy / Hear My Plea / Ramblin' On / Cattin' Around / Saturday Night / I Only Cheated On Her (Once Or Twice) / It Must Be Something / The Beer Tastes Better (And The Girl's Are Pretty) / My Sweet Love Ain't Around / Girl So Far Away / Kid Cadillac / Long Gone Daddy / I Hung It Up / Four Broken Hearts / Blackberry Boogie

Drunk And Mis-behavin' (Live), Rhythm Bomb RBR 5609
Brand New Cadillac / Catty Town / Cherokee Boogie / Warm Beer / Cowgirl Mama / Crazy Blues / Dearest Darlin / Gear Up Daddy / Hot Rod Man / I Hung It Up / Married Man / No Mercy / Please Please Baby / Saturday Night / That's Alright Mama / Train Kept A Rollin' / Waitin' For The Axe To Fall / Tell Me Mama

Rhythm Bomb Records
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Chrome Daddies, Selftitled Debut Album
Preston Records, PCD02  

I had never heard of the Chrome Daddies, until a friend from Australia (that's where the Chrome Daddies hail from too) sent me a sample MP3 of a great rocking song titled "Booze Party". Real greasy slapping bass and a destinctive distorted sound on the lead guitar. I loved it first time I heard it. And then this friend (hi Greg!) told me that this band was gonna do their debut CD presentation at the Wintersun festival, if I wanted a copy? Yeah, sure man!

And so, last week the Chrome Daddies debut CD, fully autographed by all bandmembers at Wintersun, Australia, fell on this cat's doormat after a long flight to Holland. A quick peek at the intro on the inside cover gets you right in the mood:

It's no longer a novelty to walk into a studio and find vintage guitars and intruments at your disposal for that killer tone, but you won't very often find this equipment complimented by period Neumann microphones, a valve powered recording console and 1/4 inch reel to reel tape recorder. The reverb unit is contained within that 6 foot length of sewer pipe fixed to the wall that you were just leaning against. No digital delay here! The authentic slap echo is provided by a modified reel to reel taperecorder, often emptying it's contents onto the floor when jolted into service...

The CD contains 16 tracks, 13 of which were self penned by Doug Wilshire, one by Stuart Docherty, and only 2 songs are cover versions. Well, let's hear it then! The platter hits of with "8 Ball", a rockabilly stomper with great greasy slapping bass and a sneering lead guitar, must be played at maximum volume and it will rock your socks off for sure. "Red Light, Blue Heart" slows down the pace after that grand opening, an uptempo country song with slapping beat, followed by Pee Wee King's bopper "Catty Town". To give your feet a rest, grab a girl and slide accross the floor with "I Flipped My Lid". Bo Diddley's "Dearest Darling" is an uptempo R&B rocker, the way Bo had intended it, and it certainly adds to the variety of this CD.

Some genuine country, with lotsa steel guitar, in "You Ain't Half The Woman" and then right back into a rockabilly mood with "32". More heavy slapping on one of my favorites of this album "Strip Poker" with a Cliff Gallop kinda guitar solo. A slow, but hard knocking beat thunders out of the speakers, titled "The Mess You've Got Me In", and the band up speeds again right after that with "Smilin' In My Sleep". The rockabilly is then varied with some more country music (with a bite, mind you) on "Rock Bottom". "Down, Down, Down", a fast paced hillbilly bopper, is next in line.

"Let's Walk" comes dragging in slow and mean, followed by "Boogie For Square Dancers" with a hoppin' blue grass banjo. More countrybilly with a song Doug wrote to dedicate his love for Caroline, titled "Deep In The Heart Of Anywhere". The closure of this debut album is Stuart Docherty's instrumental country boog-a-billy "Stuart's Boogie", with Stuart himself going wild on the slide guitar.

Hey gang, if you don't all have a good friend in Oz like I do, I suggest you hop on the first plain to the outback and go get yourself a copy of this CD. Well, maybe the band could send you one, but it would most certainly be worth the trip! :)

The Chrome Daddies are:
Doug Wilshire - Vocals, Steel Guitar, Guitar, Banjo
Jon Flynn - Vocals, Upright Bass
Stuart Docherty - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Geoff Townsley - Vocals, Drums

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001