Drive Me Wild, Chevrolet 
BlackCat Rockabilly & Hot Wax CD-004

Chevrolet was one of my favourite live bands in the early 80s and I've seen them perform in England many times, and of course most every time they played in Holland. And they came over quite often. They were excellent musicians, had a sparkling live show, and they were the friendliest people too. On one occasion in 1982 I took my Revox 4-track reel-to-reel taperecorder and taped a whole gig in a local bar called "The Vladeracken" in Nuland, Holland. As usual, it was a tremendous gig, and I've nourished that unique tape for 22 years, playing it very often, because Chevrolet did not have any LPs or CDs out, only a couple of 45s.

A couple of years ago HOT-WAX, the rock 'n' roll record label from Germany, issued an EP as well as an LP of another one of my favourite Britisch bands from the late 70s and early 80s, "Black Cat". I thought that was just great, and I got the idea that something like this should be released with all the old Chevrolet stuff I have in my collection. So I contacted Ernie from Hot Wax and he was immediatly excited. We got in touch with my old friend Ian Smith, former rhythm guitarist and songwriter of Chevrolet, to get permission to do so. Ian was excited too, and I started remastering my old vinyls and tapes, and came up with 2 full length CDs with great material. The masters were then sent to Ernie at House of Wax and a selection of the best tracks was made to be released on one single CD.

And now, almost a year later, the first ever BlackCat Rockabilly Europe CD is released. And even if I say so myself, it's a jewel! It contains all the original Chevrolet and Crepes 'n' Drapes vinyl stuff, a couple of previously unreleased studio recordings and a selection of 11 of the best songs from that fantastic live show, taped in 1982. Of course I'm ever greatful to Ernie for making all of this possible, but I'm also very proud to say that just about all the work on this album was done by myself. The taping, the remastering, the liner notes, and the cover design.

The album has 20 tracks, starting off with Chevrolet's first 45, orginally released on Ricochet Records in 1980 "Big Black Chevrolet" b/w "Who's That Girl". Both songs were written by founding member Ian Smith, with vocals by Paul Chappell. After a change in the line up in 1983, the second single was released (also on Ricochet). Both of these original Chevrolet songs, "Deep Down South" and "I'm Coming In", can be found on the CD, vocals by Russell Ford. From the same studio session came three never before issued recordings "Always Fussin'", "Run Rabbit Run" and "Sing To Me Sweet".

Among the live recordings are great renditions of Sonny Fisher's "Rocking Daddy", Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't", Cliff Richard's "Don't Bug Me Baby", Jerry Byrne's "Lights Out" and many more! There are also both a superb live recording as well as the original Sonet Records vinyl release of the ever popular song, written by Ian Smith, "Boogie Bop Dame". This song was later also recorded by bands like Ducktails, Wild Stompin' Blue Cats, King Edward Teds, and last but certainly not least, Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks. So, here's your chance to hear the orginal from 1978, which has never been re-released since... Until now!

The cover of Chevrolet's first 45, "Big Black Chevrolet" was used for the front cover of the CD. The title "Drive Me Wild" was taken from a promo-sticker which the band gave away at gigs in the early 1980s. A copy of the original sticker can be found on the back cover. The four-page inlay contains an extensive tracklisting with all songwriting credits, a summary of Chevrolet personnel in various line-ups, and some full color live shots from the 1982 gig. Don't miss out on this one, because I'm pretty darn sure that Chevrolet will also DRIVE YOU WILD!

Big Black Chevrolet / Who's That Girl / Deep Down South / I'm Comin' In / Always Fussin' / Run Rabbit Run / Sing To Me Sweet / Hot Foot Boogie / Boogie Bop Dame / Rocking Daddy / Honey Don't / Don't Bug Me Baby / Bop-A-Lena / Sneaky Pete / Spin The Bottle / Go 'way Hounddog / Lights Out / Route 66 / Boogie Bop Dame / Big Black Chevrolet

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Developed & reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004