Introducing... CC Jerome's Jetsetters 
El Toro ETCD 6042


CC Jerome really doesn't need an introduction. Having played all over the world and lived in the USA for 10 years, he played with bands and artists like: Lee Rocker, Pep Torres, Levi Dexter, The Specials and Gene Loves Jezebel to name a few and back up with a number of the world's well-known rockabilly legends, such as Chuck Berry, Joe Houston, Billy Lee Riley, Larry Donn, Big Al Downing, Joe Clay, Don and Dewey, Johnny Powers, Rudy Tutti Grayzell, Gene Summers, Sanford Clark, The Coasters, The Calvanes, Johnny Vallis, Charlie Gracie, Glen Glenn, Roman Self, Roy Gaines, Mac Curtis etc.. CC Jerome came back to Holland in 2007, where he started "The Jetsetters", a blues & soul injected rock & roll/rockabilly band. More bio information:

The CD hits off with the first of four selfpenned tracks titkled "Hot Rod Party". Old school rockabilly with driving guitar riffs, this song definitly sets the mood for more great songs to come. However... I was just getting warmed up and the second track turns out to be a Barbara Lynn ballad. A bit too soon, and I'm not much into ballads anyway, as most of you constant readers already know. Great piano though by guest player Gene Taylor. I saw Gene perform in a local bar down the road here in Holland, he was fantastic! Rock 'n' rollers among you might remember him hitting the keys with the original Blasters.

Gene is also great on the Hammond Organ on the old Charlie Rich classic "Mohair Sam". He also plays the boogie woogie on Jerry Lee Lewis' "I'm On Fire", also listen to Deon plucking the doghouse bass on this fast paced rockabilly song.

"Wine and roses" is the 2nd original song on this album and it features Big Pete on bluesharp. Now Big Pete might not be a big name on the rockabilly scene, but he sure is very well  known in the bleus scene and arguably one of the best harmonica players in Holland. His band The Kingsnakes broke up last year after 10 years on the road, but Pete is still touring with his band The Backbones. This is a superb rhythm & blues song, and you just gotta love Pete's harp sound.

Back to rockabilly, great guitar slinging by Jeroen on the Fats Domino classic "I'm Ready". Not really one of my favourites, maybe because is has been covered too much over the years.

Next we're stomping the blues with Johnny Guitar Watson's "Getting Drunk", followed by a selfpenned ballad titled "I'm In Love With You".

Now here's a treat... "Trouble Up The Road" is one of my long time  favourites. This Jackie Brenston song, written by Ike Turner, got my attention when the Planet Rockers recorded it with Eddie Angel on guitar. Well, this rendition will straighten the hairs in your neck, what a great sound, again with Big Pete blowing the harmonica. Fabulous recording!

Next is "Sugarbee". The liner notes state that it's a traditional and I know it best form Canned Heat's 1970 album "Future Blues", but it's possibly much older than that, I don't really know, but it sure is a great song with superb guitar by Jeroen.

Some more rockabilly with Teddy "Mr. Bear" McCrea's "Hi-Fi Baby". Big Pete is blowing his harp and Jeroen is showing off some great string picking, nice combination, well done! Also the tropical "Where Can I Get Some Stuff" with real cool trumpets sounds different, but really hot.

The closer of the CD is a rendition of the ever popular "Honey Hush", best known to the rockabillies by Johnny Burnette's superb version, but this track stays closer to Big Joe Turner's original. Deep blowing and sucking by Big Pete, a good way to end a fabulous album! And I haven't even mentioned Mr. Coen, who keeps a steady beat all through the record. Coen is quite well know around this part of the world as the former owner of the great blues & rockabilly cafe "De Kroeg". Turns out he's also a gifted musician!

CC Jerome's Jetsetters are:
Jeroen van Gasteren - Guitar, Vocals
Deon Buck - Upright Bass
Coen Molenschot - Drums, Percussion

Guest musicians:
Gene Taylor - Piano, Hammond Organ
Big Pete van der Pluijm - Bluesharp
Martijn "Tinez" van Toor - Saxophone
Tom Kooijmans - Saxophone
Niek Schut - Trumpet
RULE no 1 - Spanish Guitar
Kim Molenschot - Backing Vocals

Hot Rod Party / Oh Baby / Mohair Sam / I'm On Fire / Wine And Roses / I'm Ready / Getting Drunk / I'm In Love With You / Trouble Up The Road / Sugarbee / Hi-Fi Baby / Where Can I Get Some Stuff / Honey Hush

Contact information: 

Phone #1: +31-6-46388684
Phone #2: +31-6-57302195

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2009