Cat Killer - Eddy & The Backfires
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5638

Eddy & The Backfires' year of birth is 1999, Hannover, Germany. Since then they recorded "....get on the right track baby!(2000)", "Seven Nights To Rock (2002)", "Perfect For Party's (Sampler. 2004)". In 2006 "Hot Rodders Paradise (Sampler)" and "Cat Killer" were released" and the latter is now playing over my headphones, so here we go...

Track one, "I Feel Rockin" hits me real strong, this selfpenned song by the Backfires is a raw and unpolished, hammering rockabilly track in the fine tradition of Burnette/Burlison. That's the way I like my 'billy served, thanks guys. In fact, the first three songs, including the titlesong "Cat Killer" are really super strong rockabilly tunes. Track four is a great version of Art Adams fifties hit "Dancing Doll" followed by Wayne Walker's all time classic. "All I Can Do Is Cry" however lacks the power and pumping rhythm of the original Walker recording. That's not a shame, most recordings out of the fifties era are hard to top because back than it was also a matter of chance and pure luck how, and what the final recording sounded like. Sixth track, "High Speed Daddy" is a superb Hotrod track, written again by the Backfires. These boys write very good stuff of their own, and actually I like their own songs better than the covers recorded on this album. Nonetheless, High Speed Daddy, They Call Me Bad, Let's Rock Tonight, Tic Tac Baby and Eddie Marshall's "Mobilin' Baby Of Mine" are really sparkling and swinging over my headphones, superb recordings, and musicians who know their jobs. An odd track in this collection would be the surf instrumental "Last Surf", well that is "odd" as in "I wouldn't mind a few more tracks like that on this CD".

This is an excellent CD, and as a special treat The Backfires have added some real fine goodies: some great pictures and a very cool video clip "Mexican Love" which you can also download for free on their website: 

I Feel Rockin / I'm Gone / Cat Killer / Dancin' Doll / All I Can Do Is Cry / High Speed Daddy / They Call Me Bad / Let's Rock Tonight / Tic Tac Baby / Mobilin' Baby Of Mine / Rockin' And Rollin' / That's Wild / Last Surf / Sometimes I Wonder / So Hard / VIDEO - Mexican Love

Eddy & The Backfires are:
Eddy - Guitar, Vocals
Nosi - Guitar, Vocals
Jürgen - Bass, Vocals
Randy - Drums

Contact information: 

Rhythm Bomb Records
PO Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006