10 000 Miles To Memphis - The Cascadez
Rockaround Records RCD 002

Teddyboy time again! Here's the newest release from The Cascadez and if you don't know these guys from Norway you'd better visit their website quick, after you finished reading this review of course.

In their own words:
The Cascadez have been rockin' and rollin' since April 2001. They have played honky tonks and beer joints all over Norway and Sweden and seen many a rough and rowdy crowd in a beaten down roadhouse in the middle of nowhere! Now they are ready to record some of their love ballads. Here are the good ol' boys bringin' ya'll that rawk'n'roll.

If you like teddyboy rock, like we all do here at BlackCat Rockabilly, this new CD from Arild and his mates is a real treat for ya. There's sixteen original songs written by Arild Rønes, who is the drivin force of the Cascadez. The entire album is filled to the rim with Crazy Rhythm teddyboy boppers in the fine tradition of the inventors: Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers.

"Nasty" is the first track and is introduced by a countdown sequence, so you have a few seconds to buckle up and prepare for the ride. Uptempo and great lyrics. Next song is about an issue I'm sure we all experienced one day or another: "Bad Hairday". Actually this song should be tagged with a "caution" label, to prevent the wavy quiffs amongst us getting horrible nightmares. "New Tattoo" is a fine song in the tradition of Bo Diddley, which means we're getting treated on syncopic slave-rhythms, reverbed guitars and funny lyrics. Of course we all can relate with the title, we all want a new tattoo now and than. "Nosejob", a funny Ted song about a guy who loves his girl to pieces but can't stand her Pinocchio-like nose.

And there's lots more where that came from. This a CD you certainly must have if you're a Ted! Arild Rønes is a great entertainer & composer and his band knows what it takes to lay down a cool and boppin' Ted sound. Some of the songs have been released previously on self-released Cascadez CD's, like Backseat Boogie and Grandpa Stole My Baby, but don't let that hold you back to grab your self a copy of this outstanding album!

Nasty / Bad Hairday / New Tattoo / Nosejob / Shotgun Daddy / Same Old Song / Viva Las Vegas Again / 10 000 Miles To Memphis / Don't Break This Teddyboy's Heart / Give Me A Drink / Fender Gibson & The Gretschoholics / Grandpa Stole My Baby / 8 My Baby Said / Sweet Lorraine / I Want It Back / Backseat Boogie

All songs written and produced by Arild Rønes
Recorded at Pitiko Studio, S.Osen, Trysil, Norway Jan- Oct 2005
Vocal- and guitar overdubs, Late Grandma Studio, Flendalen Trysil Norway
Track 3 and 10 recorded 27 July 2003

The Cascadez are:
Arild Rønes - Vocals, Guitars
Terje Stenseth - Bass
Tor Andreas Roseth - Drums

Late breaking news:
After recording the above CD, two members left the band. They were replaced by Roar Wagenius on bass and Roger Bonsak, aka Buffalo Bob, rhythm guitar and his 1951 Shure microphone. Wagenius has previously played with bands like Greasy Gravy, Powerful Stuff and the reunion of Teen Cats. Bonsak also played in a Dutch band way back in 1984, called No Longer Music, based on a housboat in Amsterdam. He now runs a rockabilly shop in Norway, called Route V8. Also see http://www.routev8.com 


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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006