Hits You Like A Train, The Cascadez
Independent Release

We now write December 2003 and it's been a while since I heard from Cascadez, but now I find on my doormat a brand new self produced CD titled "Hits You Like A Train" with 12 brand new original rockers and a re-run of their Internet Hit "Grandpa Stole My Baby". Arild wrote that sadly no record companies have shown any interest in releasing their CD's, but I don't think that's much of a problem, because these guys do a pretty darn good job themselves. This way we can be sure that to get the music the way the band wants it to sound. And you can bet your sweet ass it's great hot rod rockabilly again!


Rough Cut  (2001) - Arild Rønes is obviously a big fan of Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, because this CD is packed with Crazy Rhythm sound, the sound original developed by Cavan and often referred to as "Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll". Also the album cover of this CD "Rough Cut" was kinda borrowed from Cavan's LP "Rockability". Arild's band was formerly called "Midnight Blue", but he changed the name to "The Cascadez". "Rough Cut" is a self-financed CD relesed om the Mp3.com label in March 2001. All fifteen songs are originals, written by Arild Rønes himself, and he's a great story teller! Recorded at Vidsyn Community Center and in a smal shed in Andre's Solheim's garden, this is the way to make rockabilly folks! Just use whatever equipment you have and jam it!

The album starts with "The Beat Goes On", original Teddy Boys stuff like Crazy Cavan, Teencats or Black Knights (all favourite bands of Arild). The second song "Grandpa Stole My Baby" will grab you first time for sure. Just listen to these lyrics and imagine that your 84 year old grandpa gets away with your girl! Arild's voice, with it's deep moanful cry, is absolute perfect for this song. Next is "Lies", an original Teddy Boy lovestory with a beat, followed by "The Original Country Boy", a tribute to Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam and original country music in general, played in the 50s Cash style.

"My Jelous Woman" (yes, there's an "A" missing :)) is back to the Teddy Boy beat, with some marvellous piano boogie woogie by André Solheim. "Welshman", a slow, draggin' Crazy Rhythm song, is the story of, and a tribute to the master of Teddy Boy rock 'n' Roll, Crazy Cavan: "Out from the west came a tornado, a-screamin' and a-yellin' GO CAT GO!"

Pickin' up speed again, let that bass guitar roll, "Backseat Boogie" and all you need is... "Three Chords". Dig that! The "Honky Tonk Lost And Found" is a place where you can find just about everything from broken hearts to shattered dreams. A very sad song (mostly due to Arild's moaning voice) with some swamp influences (André Solheim on accordion). And "Taxman" was certainly based on the old Echo Valley Boys classic "Wash Machine Boogie", just listen to the words, it could happen to you!

No, "Big Bird" is not a tribute to Sesame Street, it's an uptempo story about the plaincrash in which Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died in 1959 (death came falling from the sky). The closest thing to a balled on this album is "I Once Had", and "Illusions Of Love", "Bottle Green" and "Sober No More" are also all about heartbreak and sorrow. I can't even begin to imagine the sad love life of songwriter Arild, writing songs with so much pain. I guess you could call it the Teddy Boy blues.

Yes, I enjoyed this album a lot. I have been a Crazy Cavan myself for as long as I can remember, and Arild brings a great tribute to Cavan's Crazy Rhythm style with all original self-penned songs. And if you don't believe me, just listen yourself, there are plenty of free tracks available for download from Mp3.com - and don't miss out on Grandpa Stole My Baby, my favourite track by far!

The Cascadez are:
Arild Rønes, Vocals And Guitars
André Solheim, Piano, Accordion, Organ, Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Terje Stenseth, Bass
Tor Andreas Roseth, Drums

Contact & Bookings:
Arild Rønes
N-2420 Trysil


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001-2003