Goofin' Around, Carlos Jiménez
Unlabeled, 2008

The cover of Carlos Jiménez, unfortunately, is not that informative, though from the whole design you can recognize that it must be a Spanish singer. But let's get in and listen if the soul is having something in common with the look.

The first opinion is that the recordings are too raw and need some more extra work to be done. But futher you are getting used to its sound. As a compesation, the musicians are okey and voice of Carlos sounds rockin'. Piano on some songs is also a very good addition. Even though the singer itself is playing quite a lot of instruments himself, a bunch of musicians were invited to give extra support and have fun together.

The first instrumental "Goofin' Around" (by Bill Haley and the Comets) is also the title of album. What I love about original is that you can hear clear solos. Carlos did a good job on guitars to recreate the sound, but too much noise on the background is hiding all charm of this instrumental composition.

"Got The Water Boilin'" was covered from Billy Lee Riley (personally, I like more another version by Tommy Bruce & the Bruisers, released a year later on Columbia) only without piano and sax, but with lots of extra energy.

"Mess Around" (of Ray Charles) is my favourite song of all times. Well, looks like piano here is a must. Daniel Lozano was invited to play piano here... too bad only for solos.

"She Likes The Boogie Real Low" (by Frankie Lee Sims) has lost its swinging shadow and has turned into rock'n'roll song. "Drunk'O'Rama Boogie" is anoter instrumental, this time composed by Carlos Jiménez himself. I like self-penned songs, because they are your best visit card, the best presentation. Instrumentals have special mission - they are showing level of your skills and imagination.

"Take Me To That Place" (by Jack Earls) is quite a good cover. Energetic and powerful performance. Though, again, I am getting the idea that drumming is taking the lead and pushing away the voice of real vocalist.

"Is You Is Or You Ain't My Baby" (covered from Dinah Washington version) is quite a surprise. Who doesn't know that beautiful jazzy song! And this one is certainly my favourite on this cd! Besides already mentioned piano player Daniel Lozano (finally he has an oportunity to really show his talent of backing up), the girl singer, Nayra Hernández, is taking a place of "front-man", her sexy and sweet voice completes perfect balanced musical background. Everything is on its right places.

Here we go, back to rock'n'roll. "Pretty, Pretty Baby" is bringing you back to the pace. Some points sounds quite original. I think if you didn't know that the original is by Gene Vincent, you could easily make here a link.

"Train To Philly" - one more self-penned instrumental. And it is so fast! I was awaiting for choo choo sound, but got the rocket instead.

"Just Go Wild Over R'n'R" (by Bobby Dean). Another guest, Miguel Serrano, is on vocals now and Carlos Jiménez has a chance to play around with his guitar.

"Juiced" (by Jackie Brenston) is getting additional power and turning into strong neo sound, unfortunatelly totally loosing its originality.

The last one "The Flinstones" is also kind of surprise. Let's call it a dessert, with a raucous start, that is bringing you then to solos of guitar, drums, bass and then all together.

And as the record has finnished, you have the feeling that theatre curtains are slowly moving down and the time has come to go home and have some rest. But in your ears you have a whisper following you: you are welcomed back for another portion of energy!

Goofin' Around / Got The Water Boilin' / Mess Around / She Likes The Boogie Real Low / Drunk'o'rama Boogie / Take Me To That Place / Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby / Pretty Pretty Baby / Train To Philly / Just Go Wild Over R&R / Juiced / The Flinstones

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Reviewed by Kitti, 2009 
Used with permission