Styled & Wild, The Capitols
Vocation Records, VOC4726

The Capitols are a rockin' 4 piece from France who have fully captured the sounds of 1956 rockabilly in the style of Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps. Not so much a tribute band they are definitely inspired heavily by the sound and style of the late great Gene Vincent. The band members are Steff on lead vocals/guitar, Francky on guitar/backing vocals, Pascal on bass/backing vocals & Didier on drums/backing vocals.

All four guys are very experienced musicians from France and have a mutual love of great rock &roll music, they have just made their first album recorded at the electrophonic studios in France using 50s equipment and the album is full of original songs apart from two covers of Gene's. The band have played live all over France and have also played at many UK rock and roll events.

The Capitols show considerable musical prowess in their songwriting, playing and indeed tribute to the one and only Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps. If ever a band could nail the feel and sound of mid fifties rock and roll you need look no further, the Capitols have it all and more, much more. The new album is out now "STYLED & WILD".


  1. Three Day's Without You (Steff Birin)
  2. Rock My Blues Away(Steff Birin)
  3. I'm So Blue (Steff Birin/Laurent Fages)
  4. Don't (Steff Birin/Roy Phillips)
  5. Five Feet Of Lovin' (Peddy/Tillis)
  6. One Swallow (Lee Sperling/Roy Phillips)
  7. What You're Thinking Baby (Steff Birin)
  8. Pretty Pretty Baby (Gene Vincent/Dany Wolfe)
  9. Catman's Coming Back To Town (Steff Birin/Roy Phillips)
  10. Teenage Dream (Steff Birin)
  11. Too Many Girls (Steff Birin)
  12. Teenage Partner (Gene Vincent/Davis)
  13. For Your Precious Love (Arthur Brooks)
  14. High Blood Pressure(Gene Vincent/Smith)

The Capitols are:
Steff Birin - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Francky Gumbo - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Pascal Guimbard - Bass/Backing Vocals
Didier Choller - Drums/Backing Vocals

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Press Release, used with permission
Courtesy of Roy Phillips, 2014