Capitol Attack, Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton
Renegade (Home Burned)

A while back I found information on Danny Gatton's Official Website about a limited collectors release of "Capitol Attack", a previously unissued Danny Gatton & Robert Gordon gig. I was immediatly very interested. Only 500 copies pressed, it read, and available for European residents for $30. That's a lot of money for a CD, but I figured it would be worth it. Danny Gatton is a fabulous gitarist, and Robert Gordon will always be in my top 10 of rock'n'roll revival singers.

After contacting Renegade Records by e-mail, it turns out the CD will cost me $40 in stead of $30, and Renegade does not accept credit cards. That meant an additional 10$ for bank exchange and sending the money by registered letter to the US. What the heck! I had to have this collectors item! When the CD finally dropped on my doormat, it was the greatest disapointment I ever received. It's NOT a limited pressing at all, what I got is a poor home burned copy, with very poor covers, home-printed on plain paper and cut out with scissors by someone who obviously just had a six-pack of beer. 50 bucks for the poorest home-made CD I ever saw!

I complained about this to Renegade, but they chose not to answer my e-mails anymore. I also sent a copy of my complaint to Steve Gorospe, webmaster of the Danny Gatton website, where I found the information in the first place. He was kind enough to reply to my message (quote):

"I've heard others complain about the CDs also. I am concerned about advertising this CD on my site because I am not connected with Renegade Records in any way whatsoever. I don't even make any money off of them. The copy that I received from Renegade was of similar quality (packaging), but I received mine before they actually went on sale so I just figured that I received a "pre-release" or something. Audio quality was a little disappointing too, but I was glad to hear Danny play some tunes that I hadn't heard before (or in a very long time)."

I agree with Steve that the quality of the recording is a bit poor, but I figured it would be, because this is an amateur recording, taped at The Wax Museum Night Club, Washington DC, on January 5, 1983. If you are interested in a more professional recording of a Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton live gig, you're better off buying the 1998 NRG Records release titled "The Humbler", which was recorded some 2 years earlier. Sound quality is not what it's all about with a release like "Capitol Attack", it's a historic document and you should listen to it in that perspective.

Robert Gordon's warm and deep voice sounds as great live as on any of his studio recordings, the man is a natural rockabilly singer. And the late Danny Gatton isn't referred to as "The World's Greatest (Un)Known Guitarist" for nothing. The man is a magician on the six strings and Danny's passing in October 1994 was a tragic loss to family, friends, and fellow musicians around the world. Robert and Danny were just made for each other, a gig like this is seldom heard, it really is a "battle of the giants". Robert sings many of his unforgetable standards, including the fabulous "Fire" (1978), Robert's best shot to stardom. Not only is it a great song, but it was written by artiste du jour, Bruce Springsteen. God knows why Springsteen didn't cut it himself at that time, but he didn't. He gave it to Robert, and even showed up to play piano on the date. With that kind of pedigree and buzz, you'd think that "Fire" wouldn't stop short of the Top 10. It didn't disappoint, it got all the way up to #2 - but by The Pointer Sisters, who released the song in 1979. Darn, it should have been Robert's...

This home burned platter will never be a collectors item, but the music will live on forever. Get yourself a copy from a friend...

Tracklisting of "Capitol Attack" (Renegade)
The Way I Walk / Love My Baby / Heart Like A Rock / Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache / Bertha Lou / Twenty Flight Rock / Ubangi Stomp / Just Because / There Stands The Glass / Black Slacks / Rockabilly Boogie / You're Undecided / Fire / Someday, Someway / Mystery Train / Linda Lu / Red Hot / Drivin' Wheel / Flyin' Saucer Rock 'n' Roll

Tracklisting of "The Humbler" (NRG, 1998)
Ubangi Stomp / The Way I Walk / Good Rockin' Tonight / There Stands The Glass / Drivin' Wheel / Fire / Lover Boy / You Got A Heart Like A Rock / Cruisin' / Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache / Love My Baby / Twenty Flight Rock / Black Slacks / Red Hot

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002