Shakin' Up North - Canadian Rockabilly Volume 1
Bear Family BCD16289AR

If this CD had just it's track #19 and the rest were polka tunes it would worth paying for it like if it was the best collection of Rockabilly songs ever published and, in fact, it's near to be one of the bests. I'm talking about the explosive Rock And Roll Riot by the Stoltz Brothers, but there are at least 10 tracks which multiply the value of this piece of plastic: Eeny Meeny Miney Moe by Bob & Lucille, Rockin' Juckebox by Bob King, Easy Rockin' Chair by Jimmy Ordge, What A Love Is by Jack Bailey, Hillbilly Rock by Joe Kozak, Ready To Rock by Jim Morrison, Shake Shake and You're Some Kind Of Nice by The Blue Notes, My Pink Cadillac by Hal Willis and the great That's What I Call Livin' by Dick Damron. The common nexus between all the artists featured on the CD is that they are representative of the early Canadian Rockabilly released by labels which not only wanted just leasing US hits for their distribution in Canada but which recorded local talents with relative success in many of the cases.

Shakin' Up North is an impressive collection of 30 tracks by a part of these Canadian rockabillies, presented like part of an equal impressive package completed with a 40 page booklet full of rare pictures, bios and lot of stories.

Essential in your collection except if you prefer to expend all the money you can earn in all your life till complete the same collection but in it's original 45's and 78's.

Carlos Diaz, Rock Therapy Magazine 1999