Caged Heat, Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners 
Golly Gee Records, GGR 1021

Here is a special offer for all BlackCat Rockabilly readers, provided by Golly Gee Records. Any visitor who purchases the Rockin' Ryan CD "Caged Heat" will receive a free CD-R filled with goodies such as outtakes from the practice sessions preparing for the "Caged Heat" recording, including some of the tunes that didn't make it onto the record. We'll also throw on some more live material from the CD release party. This bonus item is NOT for sale, it is offered only as a BlackCat Rockabilly exclusive. All that members have to do is notify Golly Gee Records that they read the BlackCat Rockabilly review when they make their "Caged Heat" purchase and the exclusive CD-R will be included with in their shipment.

No less than two fabulous Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners releases on Golly Gee, the first being a re-release of the utterly fantastic debut album "You Wanted More Wild Rock & Roll" (read the 2001 review), which contains the original 12 tracks plus a whole lotta extras. The extras are a complete gig recorded live at the Annual Mooneyes Christmas Show 2002 in Whitter, California, (15 tracks) and three bonus tracks introducing The Rockabilly Kid 'Rory Justice'. The live recordings are not "CD quality", but they sure do rock, and they let you enjoy a real gone Rockin' Ryan at their wildest. Also the 3 Rory Justice tracks will send shivers up and down your spine. Superb rendition of Jimmy Wages' "Mad Man".

Of course this release was only intended to warm you up (that sure worked) for a grandeur newly recorded CD by Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners titled "Caged Heat". Maybe I should just stop this review right here, because all there is to say about this album is caught graciously in the title. A sweet sixteen tracks of, indeed, CAGED HEAT. When the opening track "Spider-Legged Baby" echoed through my living room for the first time, with the amp at max, I was out of this world, electric thrills bouncing up and down through my body from head to toe. With tingling fingers and goose bumps on my arms, I found myself bopping the tiles. There should be a law against this. I played the track 4 times in a row, before even listening to the rest of the platter. Wow!

After catching my breath I gave the band's version of Jimmy Stewart's "Rock On The Moon" a shot. There's just no stopping these guys. Wasn't this a fabulous song already, wait till you heard the Real Goners do it. Way to go Jerome, this is how you play rockabilly guitar! And there is more, "Get On Or Get Off" just carries on the jet propelled fiery inferno followed by a superb garage version of the title song "Caged Heat". Back to the rockabilly beat with "Beat That Love Out" and a snappy hi-tone "Hey Teen baby". A tribute to the sound of Luther Perkins is "Wasting Time", fast paced Johnny Cash style.

More, more, more! "Hot Headed Mama", "Hobo Husband", "When Daddy's Gettin' Paid", "Wild For You Baby" (with Rip Masters on piano), "Deacon Jones' Wife", "You Done Lied". All different rhythms, all great original rock 'n' roll songs. Next is Doug Powell's "Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes" (awesome) followed by "Please Tease Louise" (superb). The last listed song is a stroller version of "Caged Heat" (to catch your breath again), and the closer is a 'hidden' track titled "Hot Headed Mama", and then there's silence...
I'm thinking... I have no idea what to play next. What in the world can you play after such a CD? I'll just start all over with "Spider-Legged Baby" again, and again, and again...

Let me end with Colin Pryce Jones' immortal words, the words you hear everytime you enter our website, "This has gotta be what rock 'n' roll is all about, yeah!"

Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners are:
Ryan Sagat - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jerome van Gasteren - Lead Guitar
Joe Perez - Drums

Special guests on "Caged Heat":
Rip Carson - Upright & Electric Bass
Rip Masters - Piano
Brian Strickler - Tenor Sax

Contact & Booking:
Mencher Management & Booking
Phoine: +1 207 865-0250

Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike
Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003