Bye Bye Blues, Sue Moreno & Marco Di Maggio
Jungle Records TCB-3131CD

Both Sue Moreno, the beautiful Dutch bombshell, and Marco Di Maggio, rockabilly guitar legend from Italy, need no introduction to rockers and rockettes in Europe and beyond. If these names don't ring a bell, please check our website for more bio's and reviews. When I heard that these two modern day legends teamed up, I was very anxious to hear what they had cooked up. Sue's soft melodic voice and Marco's guitar wizardry would make a great combination. Well, here it is, the new CD on the Finnish Jungle label titled "Bye Bye Blues".

Hitting off with a great new rocker written by Sue & Marco "Rock 'n' Roll Party", you just know you are in for a treat. A fabulous bopper to keep your feet moving, superb vocals (as could be expected from Sue) and Marco playing his six strings like the master he is. Second track is Johnny Cash' "Big River". We're very used to the deep low down voice of Cash on this song and it's very refreshing to hear Sue's high pitched voice singing this country tune.

The title song of the album is a very old classic, first recorded as far back as 1924 by the famous Betty Smith. Marco picks his guitar "Les Paul Style" and with an uptempo beat, the old classic is turned into a brand new one. "Forever" has that typical 40's sound to it, but it's a new song by Sue & Marco. It proves again that Marco really can play each and every style on his guitar.

Next is the Wayne Walker & Mel Tillis song "Honey Cause I Love You", recorded by Carl Perkins in the late 50s, a great rockabilly track with a thumping bass. The duet "I'll Never Be Free" is a bit too slow for my taste. I think it was a Kay Star song in the early 50s, and with added lap steel guitar, it's a great song but not really a rocker's choice.

The Les Paul original "Johnny Is The Boy For Me" is the perfect combination of Sue's wonderfull voice and Marco's fast guitar picking. "Guitar Blues" is another orginal and the second duet on the disc, a mix of 40s and 50s music with nothing less than a perfect sound. Some more classics, the Everly Brothers' "Temptation" and Eddie Cochran's "Cruisin' The Drive In", the latter one being a great rocker and possibly my favorite track, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

The loveable "Forbidden Love" and the rockable "Rock With You", with a bit of "Hank Mizell Style" guitar riffs, were also written by the duo, and the closing track is a fabulous unplugged version of Elvis Presley's bluesy "There's So Much World To See".

I can only say that this is an utterly fantastic album, vocals and music are terrific and the whole is very, very well produced. Not all is rock 'n' roll though, the songs range from the 20s to the 50s era, but there is something here for everybody. The combination of Sue's voice and Marco's guitar is surely a match made in heaven.

Rock 'n' Roll Party / Big River / Bye Bye Blues / Forever / Honey Cause I Love You / I'll Never Be Free / Johnny Is The Boy For Me / Guitar Blues / Temptation / Cruisin' The Drive In / Forbidden Love / Rock With You / There's So Much World To See

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005